5G Free California

5G Global Protest on Earth Day, April 25

This is a global online event organized by Stop 5G International. The webinar will be held from 10am-12noon California time. Panelists include: Julian Gresser, Timothy Schoechle, David Gee, Katie Singer, Libby Kelley, Cece Doucette, Olle Johansson, Christian F. Jensens, and possibly Shoshana Zuboff.

Click here to register for the webinar:

Local Action: 5G Free California Global Legal Fundraising Blitz/Silent Auction
The funding challenge will go to support two lawsuits and all donations will be split equally between them:
Children’s Health Defense v. FCC—to compel the FCC to adopt biologically based exposure guidelines, in addition to enforcing its present thermal standard in ways that will be protective of children and other vulnerable populations.
Satellite Lawsuit v. FCC—To mandate the FCC to follow existing international and federal procedures in developing, in collaboration with other concerned federal agencies, a comprehensive plan and rules governing its program to approve 50,000+ low orbit satellites and 1 million+ earth stations; and to do this in a way that will safeguard national security, comply with international law, protect the heavens from commercial exploitation and despoliation, and ensure the safety of local communities.

Bidding is open on goods and services included in the silent auction:


To donate goods and services for the silent auction challenging 5G roll-out: [email protected], 310-455-9389

Donate online to support our lawsuits: 5GFreeCalifornia/donate
Your donations are tax deductible.

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