5G Free Santa Barbara just added a group page on NEXTDOOR.com

ARE YOU ON NEXTDOOR.COM? 5G Free Santa Barbara just added a group page and this is our new logo banner with the little green house. We would love you to join our Nextdoor neighbor membership and help us open the conversation on that platform. https://nextdoor.com/g/zk6byo7wx/

This is a link to our Thriving Safely in the Age of Technology event. Please share this along. https://nextdoor.com/events/3563431/

While you are over there, use the search bar to find all the posts about “5G”. One called “5G on the Mesa” has 84 comments! Very interesting reading through. Chime in if you have something to share. The conversation is wide open. People are questioning, supporting and challenging each other about safety, studies, etc. That’s a good thing!

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