5G-ILAN News Update

5G-ILAN News Update  Jan.17th, 2021 International Legal Action Network (ILAN)
5G-ILAN has been very busy with various legal cases as well as other related activities. Please check out our website, 5G-ILAN for the latest, including a Healthy Heavens Trust Declaration.

Upcoming Legal Actions

  • Expedited/ Emergency Petition for Rulemaking on FCC Satellite Licensing Program. The purpose is to require the FCC to follow existing international and federal laws, and to produce a new set of regulations that address a wide array of national and international security risks. We plan to file in January 2021.
  • FDA Petition for Rulemaking. This action holds the key to winning the battle to compel the FCC to revise its current grossly inadequate, unmonitored, and unenforced thermal health standard. If the FDA adopts a science-based health standard for RFR, the FCC must follow.  Read more.
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