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Our mission is to raise awareness about the effects of 5G and radiofrequency microwave radiation (wireless radiation) through evidence-based information and non-violent actions. Our protests have always been peaceful in keeping with the vision of Stop 5G International.

It is our hope that these days of peaceful actions will bring greater public awareness about the harms of 5G and start a dialogue about wiser technology options for a safer and more life-affirming future.

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World Environment Day

If you’re feeling stir-crazy or in need of some human contact that doesn’t involve a screen – albeit at a slight distance! – come and enjoy a tech-free afternoon with a hike, bike-ride or picnic if you like! In honour … Read More

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Please try to limit video footage to significant speeches, music, and poetry as 95% of all videos are currently accessed wirelessly. So by posting non essential video footage (such as people mulling about at a rally), we are essentially corroborating telecom’s pitch that consumers are “demanding 5g.” We are not. We are demanding safe, energy efficient, cyber secure and resilient wired internet connections to all homes and businesses.