Global 5G Protest Day March 20, 2021

-257Days -12Hours -17Minutes -51Seconds

We invite ALL towns, villages, cities, countries around the world to prepare an event — whatever form it takes: March, Protest, Gathering, Leafleting, Film Screening, Beach Action, Statue Action, Chalk Picture.

Please post your Event to Global Action to Stop 5G

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Stop5G International Press Release


“The Last Bee” created for January 2020 rally by a painter from Czech Republic, Zdeňka Horká

From European Network against 5G in support of Global 5G Protest Day

The Danish EHS Association
The Civil Health Rights Movement May Day (Denmark)
EMF Cyprus
Electrosmog and Health (Slovakia)
Alliance Française Stop 5G (France)
The Council for Health Safe Telecommunication (Denmark)
The National Health Federation, Sweden (Finland)
Citizen’s Association for the Ban of Manipulation of Human Nervous System by
Radiofrequency Radiation (Czech Republic)
Ireland for Safe Technology
Kogukonna Hüvanguks MTÜ (Estonia)
International Coalition to Protect the Polish Countryside
Associacion Bona Ona (Spain)
Menorca Lliure 5G (Spain)
Plataforma Asturiana Contra la Contaminación Electromagnética (Spain)
StichtingEHS (The Netherlands)
Stop 5G Segovia (Spain)
Área de Digitalización y Contaminación Electromagnética de Ecologistas en Acción
Civilek az 5G mentes Magyarországért (Hungary)
Alliance for responsible mobile communications Germany
Life Resonance z.s. – (Czech Republic

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Email them to [email protected].

Our Mission

Our mission is to raise awareness about the effects of 5G and radiofrequency microwave radiation (wireless radiation) through evidence-based information and non-violent actions. Our protests have always been peaceful in keeping with the vision of Stop 5G International.

It is our hope that these days of peaceful actions will bring greater public awareness about the harms of 5G and start a dialogue about wiser technology options for a safer and more life-affirming future.

Weaponization of Space

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Bruce Gagnon: The Ongoing Danger of Militarization of Space

Tech Billionaires Are Buying Up Space – WHY IT AFFECTS YOU!

Karl Grossman on the SpaceX protest.

No trash cans, no tow trucks in space

Pollution of space

Global electric circuit


Elon and Jeff and which voices to heed?

Blinders vs. There is a lot not to like about 5G

Suggested actions from Stop 5G International

See our list of suggested actions that you can take.