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Please email us your event. (In order to protect your own privacy, we advise not to use your private contact details as this is an open contact list.)


  1. Country
  2. City
  3. Date and time of event
  4. Location
  5. Contact person or organization for questions
  6. (Optional) Type of event (protest rally, march, silent vigil etc.)

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Events sent in for the April 25th Protest Day will be posted within the next few weeks.

      1. AUSTRALIA – Canberra | 10:00 am gathering area –  WATSON: along Stirling Ave, Aspinall St, and the area next to Watson Arts Centre. | 10:30 am – Convoy of cars to the city and other commercial centres. Honk and display flags and signs. Some small flags provided.  1:00pm Picnic in Weston Park.  Bring your rug, food and drinks.
        (Note: there are two events in Canberra, this first one is on Jan. 25th, the next is on the 26th.)

        …Canberra | Second event, January 26th – Australia Day | PLEASE NOTE: the fireworks have been cancelled. Instead, there will be a concert at Stage 88 in Commonwealth Park in the morning. 9:30am for 10am | Arrive at Commonwealth Park, Stage 88. Bring your banners and signs in bags. Some to be displayed at the gate and some in short intervals only, best in small groups scattered around the crowd. Bring picnic or purchase food at food stalls.
        Check Canberra’s other attractions, accommodations etc.  Contact emails: [email protected] and [email protected].
      2. AUSTRALIA – Melbourne,
      3. AUSTRALIA – Melbourne | I’ll be standing on the corner of Swanston and Burke in the city, starting around 2:30 pm with my signs, and I will hand out my flyer to wake up more.  I’ll be there till around 5pm or whenever I run out of energy and flyers.
      4. AUSTRALIA – NSW, Lismore, Outside Optus, Molesworth Street, 11am to 12 noon  |  Bring placards and banners  |
      5. AUSTRALIA – Sydney | Stop 5G Sydney | Sydney Town Hall, 10.00-12.00 | Contact emails: [email protected] and [email protected]
      6. AUSTRIA – Klagenfurt  |  11 am to 2 pm there will be an information stand about the dangers of 5G in Klagenfurt at the old square. Measurements will be made, brochures distributed, signatures for petitions collected. Please come in large numbers! |  Initiative “aufgewacht!”-Naturheilbund Österreich, Waagplatz 3, A- 9020 Klagenfurt, Kontakt
      7. AUSTRIA  – Vienna, Wien Westbahnhof, 14:00 – 18:00, 25.1.2020, |  | POSTER  |  We will make a move, from Westbahnhof towards Inner City, with a final rally at Human Rights Square. Posters, drums, rattles, bells etc. are welcome 🙂 More information on the flyer.
      8. BELGIUM – For information about events, contact, [email protected]  |  Website: (in French), (in Dutch) Facebook:
      9. BERMUDA – Bermuda Advocates for Safe Technology (BAST) is planning to submit the Appeal to the government on January 25 | Contact email: [email protected].
      10. CANADA – Multiple protest events throughout Canada. For full list of events, please see,
        Events are being organized in British Columbia (7 events); Prairie (3 events); Ontario (4 events); Quebec (1 event); Maritimes (3 events)
      11. CANADA – Calgary |  Meet at  Angel’s Cafe  4105 Montgomery View NW, Calgary, AB
        For everybody aware of 5G or wanting to learn more…and Get a little exercise in at the same time.
        Join me for A 5K walk at 5 o’clock |
      12. CANADA – A demonstration is planned in Montreal. Please see,
        If you wish to organize a protest in other Canadian cities, you may contact Jean Hudon at, [email protected]
      13. CANADA – Nova Scotia, Wolfville, At KCI Environmental Science Centre Auditorium, Acadia U | 13:30 & at 16:00 hrs  |  Hosted by No Smart Meters in Nova Scotia,  Followed by a Q&A discussion RSVP: Event Brite  ,  Facebook    Tickets are by donation at the door, $5 suggested  |  Contact email: [email protected]   |    POSTER  , POSTER 2
      14. CANADA – Ontario, Renfrew County, FB event:  |  FB page  |  POSTER
      15. CANADA – Ontario, Glengarry, All Day Video-Film Event starting at 9:00 am |  Contact email: [email protected]
      16. CANADA – Winnipeg  |  [email protected]
      17. CANADA – Toronto area , Contact email: [email protected]
      18. CANADA – Peterborough & Kawartha area, Contact email:  [email protected]
      19. CANADA – Victoria, British Columbia | noon-2 pm | Contact email: [email protected]
      20. CANADA – Vancouver, British Columbia for Jan 25 at noon, |  A group of concerned citizens will be gathering at Vancouver’s Public Library Central Branch at the corner of Homer and Robson. IF it is raining, we will be gathering indoors in the huge hall that leads to the library’s actual entrance. We had to amend our original location plan after discovering today that the city is engaged in street construction at our originally intended venue, namely the south side steps of the Vancouver Art Gallery, which looks onto the Robson pedestrian mall.
        …Vancouver | Affiliated members will also be organizing another event in Maple Ridge at 2 pm that same day.
      21. COSTA RICA – Ivonne Borloz Montero 5 street, Av 1 and 3 Heredia.
      22. CROATIA – Protests will be held in Dubrovnik, Zagreb, Osijek, Zadar, Karlovac, Dubrovnik, and Rijeka | Civil Initiative Stop 5G Croatia  | Contact email:  [email protected]   More info soon.
      23. CROATIA – Rovinj, City Square 12h, by Academia Libera Histriensis, contac: [email protected]    POSTER
      24. CYPRUS  – Contact email: [email protected].  |
      25. CZECH REPUBLIC –
      26. DENMARK – Aarhus:, Contact email: Soren Ellegaard [email protected]
      27. DENMARK – Helsingor |  | Contact email: Christian Mohr [email protected]
      28. DENMARK – Hjorring | A citizen meeting :, Contact email: Marc Real [email protected]  Hjorring
      29. DENMARK – The Danish EHS Association,  Contact email: [email protected]
      30. DENMARK – København | Copenhagen :  , | Contact email: Preben Kastrup [email protected]
      31. DENMARK – Copenhagen | Citizen meeting, speeches and debate | Contact email: Mads Palsvig [email protected]
      32. DENMARK – Copenhagen | Demonstration, handing out flyers with endpoint at the Town Square | Contact email: Mads Palsvig [email protected]
      33. DENMARK – Odense – Demonstration arranged by The Danish EHS Association. Contact: [email protected]
      34. DENMARK – Rønne on the Island of Bornholm. Contact: [email protected] |
      35. DENMARK – Varde,  11 -13 | Contact:  [email protected]
      36. ECUADOR – Vilcabamba, CANDLELIGHT VIGIL put on “Comité Pro Defensa ”  Meet on the terrace between the park and the church,  5 – 6:30pm Sunday January 26  |  Bring a small candle in a little glass container
      37. ESTONIA – Umbusi | We are convening a Court of Justice of living men and women (similar to the Common Law Court) to judge over 24 local politicians who are responsible for the roll-out of 5G in Estonia. Until now we have tried all other means – gathered over 1000 signatures, necessary to have our appeal discussed in the Estonian parliament, whose session we participated with the help of Prof. emer. Martin Pall and Prof. Lennart Hardell (the videos of the events:; and not to mention all those numerous e-mails with the politicians in regard to 5G… But all our requests to halt 5G installation have been denied. So next we will try the court. Contact email: [email protected]
      38. FINLAND –  Helsinky, STOP5G Finland, , contact: Kaisa Ahokainen-Kirsi   [email protected]
      39. FRANCE – Brittany, Brest, 10 – 12h , We propose  to meet everybody interested by this subject. We will speak about health, education, children, nature.  Information: Esoboutik or Cécile (02-96-78-59-29) or Nicole (02-96-34-21-64) or [email protected] (06-61-90-93-81)  |  POSTER
      40. FRANCE – Coeurs d’EHS is promoting this global protest everywhere in France. More details to follow.  |  | Contact email: [email protected].
      41. FRANCE – Carpentras (25km from Avignon | Ciel Voile association,
        Video presentation on the theme “Ondes et Sante”, at the Chapelle des Pénitents Blancs | 6.30 p.m.
        [email protected]
      42. FRANCE – Mulhouse, Place de la Victoire, January 25 from 2 to 5 p.m.  |  “Collectif Stop-5G 68” will hold a stand.  |  Contact email: [email protected]
      43. FRANCE – Nantes, Place Royale, 3pm  |  Contact email: [email protected],    FB Group: | Poster:
      44. FRANCE – Paris  ,   – 10:30 am: Speech and débate with Dr Annie SASCO, Bourse du Travail, 3 rue du Chateau d’eau, 75011 Paris – Métro République
                                             – 2:00 pm: Démonstration on Place de la République, face to “Go Sport” sh – Métro République
                              Contact: [email protected]    POSTER
      45. FRANCE – Pont-L’Abbé 29120 , Gathering at 11:30 am in front of the town hall of Pont-L’Abbé on Saturday January 25th  |  Mail : [email protected]  |
      46. FRANCE – Poitiers, Demonstration in Poitiers, in front of the town hall, Place du MC Leclerc,  Saturday 25 January at 12 noon, Come with your signs or banners  |  contact: [email protected]
      47. GERMANY – Aachen, Münsterplatz, Time 9 am -2 pm  | Setting: Information Desk by Bürgerinitiative “STOPP 5G – für gesunde Lebensbedingungen in Aachen” | Contact email: [email protected]
      48. GERMANY – Altenkirchen – Fußgängerzone, Wilhelmstraße 14 | 10:00 a.m | Information campaign with a banner | Contact email: [email protected]
      49. GERMANY – Bad Säckingen | 10 am to 12 pm | Center of town | Contact email: [email protected] | We will have a table with informational flyers et al and talk with interested passers-by.
      50. GERMANY – Bavaria, Gunzenhausen | We are part of a wide-spread area of a citizens’ action committee. We fight to bring down 5G. At 12:00 pm, we will install an information desk in the pedestrian zone of the city and inform pedestrians about the threat of 5G. We will place some phones on our desk for eye-catching to attract people’s attention, and hand out self-created 5G flyers. | in front of the city hall:,10.7567142,17.25z . | Contact email is [email protected]
      51. GERMANY – Bayreuth in Bavaria,  on Sat 01/25/2020 11-14 indicator to distribute in the pedestrian zone Bayreuth Flayer to 5G & Smart City.
      52. GERMANY – Berlin | Informative Event | 5:00 pm | Heilpraktikschule in Selbstverwaltung Bethanien-Südflügel, Mariannenplatz 2a, 10997 Berlin Kreuzberg near U Kottbusser Tor | Contact email: [email protected]
      53. GERMANY – Berlin | Winterfeldplatz (St. Matthias Church main entrance). We Aktionskreis 5G-freies Berlin-Brandenburg will have a measuring tour at Winterfeldplatz and surroundings. The aim is to carry out measurements with professional electrosmog measuring instruments in this 5G-zone and to address the people who live there and are affected and inform them about 5G dangers.We Aktionskreis 5G-freies Berlin-Brandenburg will perform meassurements. | Contact email: [email protected]
      54. GERMANY – Bonn, 5G Flashmob with info stall in BONN, Germany, Muensterplatz, in the heart of Bonn, 2 until 4 p.m. with give-aways, flyers and information according to mobile phones, 5G and WLAN etc.  | PETITION
      55. GERMANY – Bremen, information stand at main entrance of Findorff-Market, Eickedorfer Str., in front of Herbststr. , 25. Jan. 2020, 10:30 bis ca. 14:00 p.m.  |  BUND-LV Bremen, Arbeitskreis Elektrosmog. [email protected]
      56. GERMANY – Eckernförde, Markt, Time 9 am -2 pm  | Setting: Information Desk by Bürgerinitiative “Picknick im Funkloch”
      57. GERMANY – Frankfurt  |  In cooperation with the Taunus Initiative Stop 5G, the citizens’ initiative Stopp 5G Frankfurt is holding a rally at the Hauptwache in Frankfurt starting at 1:00 p.m. Contact email: [email protected]  |
      58. GERMANY – Gunzenhausen, Bavaria  |  We are part of a wide-spread area of a citizens’ action committee. We fight to bring down 5G. We will install on Saturday 25-th of January at 12:00 am an information desk in the pedestrian zone of the city and inform pedestrians about the threat of 5G. We will pace some phones on our desk for eye-catching to attract people´s attention.
        LOCATION  in front of the city hall.  Our contact email is [email protected]
      59. GERMANY – Hamburg , 25.01.2020, from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Jungfernstieg / corner Ballindamm. |  MAP 
      60. GERMANY – Kiel, „5G – Risiko Mobilfunk“ , Saturday, January 25th in Kiel, Holtenauerstr./Near Dreiecksplatz, information stand about 5G of the “Working group against 5G and electrosmog” with contacts from 10 a.m. – 1 p.m.  |
      61. GERMANY Magdeburg, Alter Markt, Rathaus, 14 bis 16 Uhr  |  POSTER
      62. GERMANY –  Marktheidenfeld, Marktplatz, 97828,  10:00 am, Informing people about 5G with flyers and a table and protest-signs.  |  Email contact: [email protected]
      63. GERMANY – Munchen | Burgerinitiative Stopp5G Munchen |  Odeonplatz, Munich (in front of the Feldherrnhalle),  Date: Jan 25, 2020,  Time: 1 p.m. (official start)  |  |  Contact email: [email protected]  |  Flyer distribution under [email protected]  | Start at 1:00 p.m. at Odeonsplatz – with a move at 2:00 p.m. to Karl-Stützel-Platz
      64. GERMANY – Nürnberg, Kornmarkt, Time: 12:00 Uhr, January 25th, 2020, [email protected]  |  Info: Mahnwache gegen 5G – Bürgerinitiative Stopp5G – Franken
      65. GERMANY – Lenggries – Bavaria, 19:00, (Evening Event) ,  [email protected]
      66. GERMANY – Baden-Wuerttemberg, Planstrasse, 72654 Neckartenzlingen  | January 25,  9 a.m. – 12.30 p.m. |  Email: [email protected]  | Info-MobilFunk Neckartenzlingen and the surrounding area, local group of the “Cellular Citizens’ Forum”. Information stand at the weekly market.
      67. GERMANY – Eibenstock, Kunsthof Ludwig Jahn Str. 12  08309,  “5G Willkommen in der Mikrowelle?” Vortrag und Diskussionsrunde,  Mittwoch, 22.Januar 2020 um 18:30,   Referent: Jan Gläser (Bockau)„Thank You For Calling“, Filmvorführung,  Sonntag, 26.Januar 2020 um 17:00,  Beitrag an beiden Tagen auf Spendenbasis  |  POSTER
      68. GERMANY – Ostfriesland,  26605 Aurich, Fußgängerzone, Silomon, 11 Uhr, Saturday 25.01.  |  information campaign with a banner
      69. GERMANY – Dresden, Meeting with posters, flyers, candles, Neues Rathaus, Dr.-Külz-Ring 19, 01067 Dresden, Thursday, January 23th 2020, 4:30 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. (16:30 – 18:00 h), with handover of the petition!stop5gdresden with 10.608 signatures to the Mayor of  Dresden at 5:00 p.m. (17:00 h) I
      70. GERMANY – Freiburg, Rathausplatz, Saturday, 25.01.2020, 14:00h  |  E-mail contact: [email protected]  |  a rally with music and demonstration  |
      71. GERMANY – Ravensburg, January 25, 10:30 to 1:00 p.m. Agendagruppe Mobilfunk & Selbsthilfegruppe für Umwelterkrankte, Information stand at the weekly market and collection of signatures for a residents’ meeting regarding 5G in Ravensburg.|
      72. GERMANY – Werl , Freitag, 24. Januar 2020 , Maifeld Sport-und Tagungshotel Hammer Landstrasse 4 DE-59457, bis 21:00 Uhr  |  Google Maps  |  +49(2377)805-1903
        [email protected]  | Euro 12.– für Mitglieder   Euro 15.– für Nichtmitglieder
      73. GREECE – Athens,  Saturday, 25.01.2020 , at 11.30 a.m. in Syntagma Square |  | Scientists and activists will inform the public about the risks of the 5G implementation. Distribution of leaflets and brochures will take place, as well as a surprise (bicycle impromptu ) around the main streets, for the information of the passers-by. We have also made arrangements that the International Protest against 5G is covered by daily press.
      74. GREECE – Patras | Center of the City – Concert, speeches and sharing of informative material about 5G | Submitting a resolution to the authorities | Patras Citizens committee for the Protection of Health from EMF Radiation, Contact email: [email protected],  |  POSTER
      75. GREECE – Kalamata, Saturday, 25.01.29 at  12:00-14:00 h in Kalamata , main Square B.Georgiou. We  will inform the public verbally and hand out information leaflets , as well as collecting more signatures.
      76. IRELAND – Dublin | St. Stephens Green Main Gate | 1pm  |  Contact:  [email protected] |  poster:  |
      77. IRELAND –  Monaghan, Diamond, 12:00  |
      78. IRELAND – Sligo, Cranmore Rd. , McSarry Park, 1PM  |   POSTER  |  Sandcastles Childcare Centre, Enniscrone, Co. Sligo, Ireland @1pm (Jan 25th)
      79. HUNGARY – there will be live demonstrations in Budapest, Győr and Debrecen, more details to follow. People willing to give a hand with co-organising these events please get in touch |
      80. ITALY – Alleanza Italiana Stop 5G | Email contact: [email protected]LINK WITH ALL EVENTS/CITIES
        Torino | Flyer:
        Bologna | Flyer:
      81. ITALY – Lucca, Public Palace  |  Saturday in the afternoon we will do a flash mob around the Public Palace of Lucca distributing documents.  The same we will do Friday 24 in the country side in front of main municipality (Capannori);  Later (February 18 or 19 th) we have organised a public conference inl Lucca with a physic an a geneticist.
      82. ITALY – Prato | No5gPrato – Atto Primo Salute Ambiente Cultura | Facebook page:
        STOP5GPRATO. Prato is an important town (near Florence) where 5g is on!
      83. ITALY –  Ravenna | Stop 5G Italia |  stop[email protected]  Flyer:
      84. ITALY – We are organizing flashmobs and awareness raising with flyers on health issues related to EMF exposition in particular with 5G from Space and Earth. The list of events includes, Rome (stop5G Roma) Monte Porzio Catone, Monte Comaptri, Grottaferrata, Frascati and Rocca Priora (as Stop5G CastelliRomani) these are events coordinated by Stop5G Italia. The flashmob will consist of CSI (Crime Scene Investigation)  where activists will be photographed on the ground of most famous cities squares as they were killed with the cell phone near tagged as a “lethal weapon”.

        ITALY – “”Rete Italia senza Elettrosmog- Stop 5G” )
      85. The whole of Tuscany will be mobilized with the event in Florence –,  |   Event PAGE >
      86. event in Bari organized by the committee “Bari senza Elettrosmog- stop 5G” –  |  Event PAGE>
      87. The committee of Cagliari, Sassari e Nuoro ( )   Email: [email protected]

        ITALYThe following list of cities have events organized by the local Stop 5G Italia group. We have not yet received details of each event. We will post a contact email for these events as soon as we receive it. 
      88. Bari
      89. Belluno   POSTER
      90. Bisceglie (Barletta, Andria, Trani)
      91. Binasco (Milano)   POSTER
      92. Bologna   POSTER
      93. Cagliari
      94. Caserta   POSTER
      95. Catanzaro
      96. Cesenatico (Forlì_Cesena)   POSTER
      97. Chieti   POSTER
      98. Città S. Angelo (Pescara)  POSTER
      99. Firenze
      100. Fiumicino (Roma)
      101. Frascati (Roma)
      102. Genova
      103. Giulianova (Teramo)  POSTER
      104. Grottaferrata (Roma)
      105. Innichen  POSTER
      106. L’Aquila  POSTER
      107. Lecce
      108. Milano
      109. Montecompatri (Roma)   POSTER    Montecompatri, Monterotondo, Fiumicino   POSTER
      110. Monteporzicatone (Roma)
      111. Monterotondo (Roma)    POSTER
      112. Montesilvano (Pescara)   POSTER  event 2  POSTER
      113. Perugia   POSTER
      114. Pescara   POSTER  event 2   POSTER
      115. Pineto (Teramo)   POSTER
      116. Pistoia
      117. Prato  POSTER
      118. Rocca Priora (Roma)
      119. Quarto (Napoli)
      120. Rimini
      121. Rognano (Pavia)  POSTER
      122. Roma
      123. Roseto degli Abruzzi (Teramo)   POSTER
      124. Sabbioneta (Mantova)   POSTER
      125. San Candido (Bolzano)
      126. Sassari   POSTER
      127. Senigallia (Ancona)  POSTER
      128. Silvi Marina (Teramo)  POSTER
      129. Sulmona (L’Aquila)  POSTER
      130. Torino   POSTER
      131. Toscana  POSTER
      132. Udine   POSTER
      133. Verbania Intra (Verbania Cusio Ossola)  POSTER
      134. Verona    POSTER  Verona 2nd event   POSTER
      135. JAPAN – Contact emails: [email protected] and [email protected].
      136. JAPAN – Tokyo,  Contact email : [email protected]
      137. LUXEMBURG – Stop5g Luxembourg ,   |  An “awareness day” about the risks linked to the 5G technology in the Luxembourg City centre this Saturday 25th January
      138. MALTA – Human Health Alliance (HHA) Contact email: [email protected]
      139. NORWAY – Oslo,
      140. NORWAYBergen 
      141. NORWAY – Bodø
      142. NORWAY – Elverum
      143. NORWAY – Kongsvinger
      144. NORWAY – Trondheim
      145. NORWAY – Stavanger
      146. NORWAY – Tønsberg  |  For information on events in Norway contact, [email protected]
      147. NETHERLANDS – Amsterdam | Contact email: [email protected]
        March will begin at 1:00 pm at Damsquare, Amsterdam and end at Museum Square about 4:00 pm.
      148. NETHERLANDS – Contact email: [email protected].
      149. NEW ZEALAND – All NZ protests listed here >
      150. NEW ZEALAND – Auckland, Cnr Queen St & Wakefield St, 12:00, Jan 25, 2020  |  POSTER
      151. NEW ZEALAND – 401 Grey Street, Hamilton East, Waikato North Island | 10:00 am | Contact email:  [email protected]
      152. NEW ZEALAND – Christchurch, Cathedral Square, 25th of January, 2020, 12 midday sharp  |  Music, entertainment, speeches, family friendly.
      153. NEW ZEALAND – 5G Free Invercargill and Southland | Meeting at the Fieldwick Memorial Gates of Queens Park, Invercargill Congregating at 10:00 am and departing at 11:00 am.  Contact email: [email protected]
      154. NEW ZEALAND – 5G Free Gisborne, 10:00 am Gathering at ‘Manaaki Tamariki Childcare” carpark, 77 Cobden street (across from EiT)  |
      155. PHILIPPINES – FB: Stop 5G Philippines |  | Activities as follows: 1. Press Release to be sent to Philippine media outlets:  Jan. 19, 2020
        2. Radio Guestings;  to be announced later  ,  3. Stop 5G T-shirt Project Nationwide Launch:  Jan 23. 2020  ,  4.  Group Creative Visualization to Stop 5G and Smart Meters:  Jan. 25, 2020 ,
        5. Stop 5G Agnihotra Sunset Ceremony with Briefing & Conversation on 5G: 5 PM, Jan. 24, 2020, Venue: College of Agronomy, Institute of Crop Science, University of the Philippines, Los Banos, Laguna 6. Write a letter to your local govt officials: Jan. 25, 2020,  7. Stop 5G & Smart Meters In the Philippines Petition Campaign @
      156. POLAND –
      157. POLAND – Kraków, Rynek Główny, koło Wieży Ratuszowej, 25.01.2020, 15:00 – 16:30  |  [email protected]
      158. POLAND Gmina Stryszów, Urząd Gminy, 15.1.2020, 14:45  |  contact: [email protected] , 
      159. POLAND Wrocław, studio NTV, 20.1.2020  |  [email protected]  ,
      160. POLAND Urząd Miejski w Radomiu (ul. Żeromskiego 53), 24 stycznia w godz. 14:15 – 15:45  |   [email protected],
      161. POLAND 26-600 Radom, ul. Traugutta 31/33, Centrum Aktywności Seniorów w Radomiu, 14.1.2020, 16:00  |  [email protected]  ,
      162. POLAND Warszawa, Kancelaria Prezydenta RP (12:00), 23.1.2020  |  [email protected]  ,
      163. POLAND – Gdańsk, 13:00 – 16:00  |
      164. POLAND – Opole, Plac Wolności, 25.1.2020, 12:00 (contact to follow)
      165. PORTUGAL – Lisbon | #Stop5GPortugal  |  [email protected]
      166. ROMANIA
      167. ROMANIA – ORAȘELE DIN ROMÂNIA CARE AU ANUNȚAT PÂNĂ ACUM PROTEST pe 25.01.2020 sunt:   #STOP5GBucurești ora 14.00 Parcul din Piața Unirii  | #STOP5GRmVâlcea ora 14.00 Liceul lahovari  | #STOP5GIași ora 14.00 Primăria Iași  | #STOP5GCraiova ora 14.00 Piața Mihai Viteazul   |  Updates here
      168. ROMANIA – Brasov, 25.01.2020 ORA 14, ZONA PREFECTURA BRAȘOV  |    POSTER
      169. SERBIA – Pokret ZA ZAJEDNIČKO DOBRO SRBIJA  | Protests will be held in front of the National Assembly in Belgrade at 1pm | Organized by  Movement for Common GoodContact email: [email protected]  |  posters:Г-ПРОТЕСТ-25.1..jpgОДГОВОРНИ-ГРАЂАНИ-scaled.jpg
      170. SLOVENIA – Ljubljana, Presernov Trg, 3pm |    |  with many other societies and civilian movements At 1. pm.
      171. SOUTH AFRICA  – Cape Town, 25 Jan 2020  |  March from 10:00 -12:30 midday startIng at the Moullie Point Lighthouse and along the Sea Point Promenade.
      172. SOUTH AFRICA – Starting at 11 am at The Skate Park, North Beach, Durban | Contact email: [email protected].
      173. SOUTH AFRICA –  ‘5G rollout in South Africa – HAVE YOUR SAY  |  Deadline for public comments 31 Jan 2020 |
      174. SPAIN – Barcelona | Stop 5G BCN (Barcelona) | Contact email: [email protected]
        Poster – Jan 25th:
        Flyer –  Jan 16th:
      175. SPAIN – Madrid | Rally in front of Ministerio de Sanidad (Health Ministry), now also Consumption Ministry (Consumo) ahora | Paseo del Prado 18, 28014 Madrid
        Contact email: [email protected]
      176. SPAIN – Pamplona , Plaza del Ayuntamiento, 11-13h |  contact: [email protected]
      177. SPAIN – Segovia, Aqueducto Square, from 19,00 to 20,30  |  contact:  [email protected]  |  We are planing to draw STOP 5 G on the ground, with candles and also we will stand in front of the pillars of the Roman Aqueduct with posters which include slogans related to the topic. It will be a silent event.
      178. SPAIN –  Toledo Provinz, Talavera de la Reina, Plaza del Leroy, 17.00 in the afternoon.   |  contact:  [email protected] |  POSTER    TEXT
      179. SWEDEN – Gothenburg,
      180. SWEDENMalmö, Sankt Johannesplan vid Triangelns tågstation, 11:00am  |  
      181. SWEDEN – Stockholm | Contact email: [email protected]
      182. SWEDEN – Stockholm | Sergelstorg at 13:30. Contact info: Anna, admin in Swedish Facebook group
      183. SWEDEN -Sundsvall | Stora Torget, KL 12:30  |  FB group:  |  Event page:
      184. SWEDENUmeå, Vänortsparken, 13:00  |  email contact: [email protected]
      185. SWITZERLAND – Basel   POSTER  |  Schifflände, 10.00 – 16.00 Uhr |  [email protected]
      186. SWITZERLAND – Bern
      187. SWITZERLAND – Biel
      188. SWITZERLAND – Brienz
      189. SWITZERLAND – Brig, Sebastiansplatz, 14.00 – 16.00 Uhr, Infostand Friedlich, bunt und ohne Gewalt. Infos zu Brig: [email protected]
      190. SWITZERLAND – Brugg, Neumarktplatz, 9.00 – 13.00 Uhr | Infostand Friedlich, bunt und ohne Gewalt. Infos zu Brugg: [email protected]
      191. SWITZERLAND – Delemont, Jura  |  Marché, 8.00 – 12.00 Uhr,  Infos zu Delémont: [email protected]  |  POSTER
      192. SWITZERLAND – Frauenfeld
      193. SWITZERLAND – Genf
      194. SWITZERLAND – Chur, Poststrasse, 10.00 – 14.00 , [email protected]
      195. SWITZERLAND – Luzern
      196. SWITZERLAND – Thun
      197. SWITZERLAND – Schaffhausen
      198. SWITZERLAND – St. Gallen
      199. SWITZERLAND – Uster |
      200. SWITZERLAND – Zurich
      201. SWITZERLAND – Sins Seminar: STOPP 5G – Hotel Arcade, Luzernerstr. 31, CH-5643 Sins  |  25th and 26th January 2020 from 09:30 am – 6:00 pm  |   flyer:
      202. SWITZERLAND – Geneva, Place des Nations, 2pm to 5pm, in front of UN, opposite of International Telecommunications Union (ITU) |  contact: [email protected]
      203. UNITED KINGDOM – Bath, January 25th 2020,  11 am meeting outside the Apple shop in Southgate Bath city centre.
      204. UNITED KINGDOM – Bristol  | Gathering at College Green BS1 5TA at 11:00 am till 2:00 pm or longer if people are up for it. Some of us will also carry the message to other parts of Bristol and possibly again on Sunday from 12:00 pm on. See our  online flyer and our Facebook event:  |  See our  Online flyer  and our Facebook Event  |  [email protected]  |  We are gathering at College Green BS1 5TA at 11-00 am till 2-00 or longer if people are up for it. Some of us will also carry the message to other parts of Bristol and possibly again on Sunday from 12 noon.
      205. UNITED KINGDOM – Brighton, New Road, next to the Pavilion gardens, 12pm-3pm  |  Facebook group Brighton and Hove 5G Free
      206. UNITED KINGDOM – Channel Islands, Jersey
      207. UNITED KINGDOM – Derby, Derbyshire, DE1 1SN ;  Outside St. Peter’s in the City Church, St. Peter’s Street, 11.55am,  January 25, 2020
      208. UNITED KINGDOM – Devon | 11:30 am to 2:30 pm | This is a peaceful protest to raise awareness about the many dangers of 5G. Bring banners, leaflets and your enthusiasm to keep Devon 5G free. | On the Main High Street of Exeter, opposite the large Stainless Steel sculpture with words on, entrance into Bedford Square where Barclays Bank is. H&M on one side, Russell & Bromley on the other side of the large paved area.
      209. UNITED KINGDOM – Devon, Torquay | meeting at the Offshore Bar and Restaurant – 13-14 Vaughan Parade, TQ2 5EG on Torquay harbourside very near the Car Park at the side of the Pavilion at 12:00 pm. There is a map on their website  We have their permission so we can sit and sort out leaflets, banners etc and then move on to walk around the town and harbour in pairs and talk to anyone interested to raise awareness and give them links to research more information. Time will be 12:00 till 3:00 pm but if you can only make an hour or two, that’s still helpful and you should find some of us in the area around the harbour if you come along later. Please bring along any banners you can make and leaflets to distribute around the town if you can.                                                                                                                                        …Devon continued: Brixam  |  There will also be a small information awareness group in Brixham outside Oats Healthy Living Store and Cafe, 13 Fore Street, Brixham TQ5 8AA from 12 till 3pm. Please bring along any banners you can make and leaflets to distribute around the town if you can. Thank you.
      210. UNITED KINGDOM – Dorking, MOLE VALLEY, Surrey – peaceful protest, handing out literature and raising awareness. High Street and South Street, 11am – 3pm
      211. UNITED KINGDOM – East Sussex, Eastbourne  | Meeting at Banks Corner, Terminus Road at 13.00 hrs and planning to walk around the town centre handing out leaflets, raising 5G awareness and asking for signatures on our 2 petitions. For more information please email [email protected] |  Facebook groups : 5G Eastbourne Is It Safe? Eastbourne UK STOP SMART METERS & 5g
      212. UNITED KINGDOM – Planning delivery of Appeal to Scottish Parliament and to 10 Downing Street | Contact email: [email protected].
      213. UNITED KINGDOM – Isle of Man, We are gathering from 13:30 and march is at 14:00, Gather outside old Shoprite behind Strand Shopping Centre Market Street Douglas, March – silent and peaceful through Strand Street to Duke Street and back. Optional wear black so we look the same, all children/families welcome, bring protest message banners. Information from [email protected]  |
      214. UNITED KINGDOM – Isle of Wight | Musical Fundraiser with information sharing and talk at the Church on the Roundabout, Newport, ending with a Candle Lit Vigil – kindly see poster and please share!
        Also, Wednesday January 15th at 4:00 pm, please join us outside County Hall to make a stand before Full Council Meeting. Sadly our local petition has not reached the magic 2,500, but 1,462 ain’t bad! Please keep sharing so we reach 1500 on the 15th.
      215. UNITED KINGDOM – London | We will be meeting at Hyde Park Corner at 11am there will be speakers and music till 2pm. At 2pm we will March to Parliament Square. We also have pre event informational evenings available on Friday 3rd January and Thursday 16th January. | Flyer :
        For information on any of the above please email Amy at: [email protected]
      216. UNITED KINGDOM – London, Ambasada Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej, 47 Portland Place, 23.1.2020,  13:30-14:30, co-organized by Coalition 5G free Poland, contact: [email protected]
      217. UNITED KINGDOM – Moray  | contacts:  FB: Stop 5G in Moray, Daphne – 07-510- 297 259 and Ann 01309 690 196 |  We are having a stall with leaflets in Elgin in Moray on the 25th at the Plainstones, in centre of the town – Starting at 11-00 am till 2-00 or longer if folk are up for it. Banners and music/bagpipes especially welcome.
      218. UNITED KINGDOM – Reading | Film screening of “Generation Zapped” at 2.00 pm at
        Organized by Say no to 5G in Reading UK. Contact email: [email protected]
      219. UNITED KINGDOM – Worthing | Montague Place, West Sussex BN11 3BG | Public 5G Global Protest Day event 10:00-15:00 hrs | Contact email: [email protected] | Facebook: 5G Action West Sussex/Worthing Stop 5G and Smart Meters
      220. UNITED KINGDOM – SCOTLAND – Edinburgh, 12 noon at the Horse and Rider Statue at the Junction of South bridge and Princes street  |  Contact:  [email protected]  |  Burns night dress welcome!!! Will last about 2 hours.
      221. UNITED KINGDOM – WALES – Cardiff Castle at 11.30am on Jan 25th, Cardiff and West Wales groups, planning to walk to the Senedd (Welsh Assembly).
      222. UNITED STATES – Alaska, Anchorage, Peterson Tower 510 L St, 12:00 – 2:00  |  contact: [email protected]  |  Poster 1  |  Poster 2  |  Poster 3  |  Poster 4  |  Poster 5  |
      223. UNITED STATES – Arkansas | Arkansas State Capitol 500 Woodlane St Ste 256, Little Rock, Arkansas 72201 |  Flyer |
      224. UNITED STATES – Bainbridge Island | Contact email: [email protected]
      225. UNITED STATES – California, San Clemente, meeting at 10 AM at our public library on Del Mar  |  contact: [email protected]  |  POSTER
      226. UNITED STATES – California, Berkeley | 5G Action Day! 11:00 am rally at Verizon, 2209 Shattuck, downtown Berkeley. March two blocks to the farmers market at MLK Park and back by noon. We’ll have some signs for loan, or bring your own!
        Contact email: [email protected]. For a full list of events see:
      227. UNITED STATES – Berkeley | Prayer Vigil at 10:00 am | 2220 Cedar Street, Berkeley | Contemplative prayers and music to inspire collective faith and hope. Flyer.
        Jan. 16, 2020 at 7:00 PM | South Berkeley Senior Center, 2939 Ellis St. near Ashby:
        Dafna Tachover, and other experts will be discussing 5G and the latest science on digital devices and why health experts such as the American Academy of Pediatrics are concerned. Plus retired electronic engineer/scientist Lloyd Morgan, Senior Research Fellow of Environmental Health Trust as well as former City Council member and nurse, Max Anderson, who spearheaded the Berkeley Right To Know Ordinance. Q&A following.  Free event.  5G Community Forum is hosted by Berkeley City Council Members Ben Bartlett and Cheryl Davila | Contact email
        [email protected].
        Jan. 17, 2020 at 7:00 PM | Thousand Oaks Baptist Church, 1821 Catalina Ave near Colusa, North Berkeley |
        This event will be across from Thousand Oaks Elementary School, where a cell tower has been approved for installation right next to the school playground. Dafna Tachover, and other experts will be discussing 5G and the latest science on devices.  Dafna Tachover has recently joined the Children’s Health Defense organization as part of a commitment to defending the rights and health of children.
        Also on Jan. 17th, 7:00 pm | Thousand Oaks Baptist Church, 1821 Catalina Ave near Colusa, North Berkeley | Karl Maret, M.D., a Senior Research Fellow at the National Institute for Science, Law and Public Policy in Washington,  D.C. is uniquely qualified to address present day concerns regarding technology.  He educates physicians and serves on the Advisory Board of the Building Biology Institute which trains architects, engineers, health practitioners and environmental consultants on the interrelationship between the natural and built environments. Dr. Maret presents at international conferences. Free event. Hosted by WiRED, RSVP for childcare |  Contact email: [email protected].
      228. UNITED STATES – California | Contact email: [email protected]
      229. UNITED STATES – California, Mendocino | Workshop 1-18 from 3-5pm at Community Center of Mendocino, 998 School Street  |  Contact: [email protected]
      230. UNITED STATES – California, Glendale  |
      231. UNITED STATES – California, Los Angeles – Topanga | 5G Free California | Contact: Julie A Levine at [email protected]
      232. UNITED STATES – California, Los Angeles – Venice | 5G Free California
        Email contact: Thomas McFarlan,  [email protected]
      233. UNITED STATES – California, Los Angeles – Venice, 10:30am-1pm PST, 585 Venice Blvd Venice, CA 90291  |
      234. UNITED STATES – California, Morro Bay, 598 Main Street, JANUARY 25, 2020, 1-4pm: music jam, refreshments;  4pm: what you should know/what you can do
      235. UNITED STATES – California, San Francisco Bay Area – Danville | Stop 5G California | Contact: Jami Tucker [email protected]  We will gather together to write letters and call legislators, urging them to stop 5G deployments  |
      236. UNITED STATES – California,  Encinitas, 101 and D street, from 1:30 to 2:30pm PST  |  Carlsbad, from 11:30a-12:30pm PST at 101 and Carlsbad Village Drive.  Email contacts are:  [email protected] and  [email protected]  |  POSTER FOR 3 SAN DIEGO AREA EVENTS 
      237. UNITED STATES – California, Laguna Beach |10:00 am farmers market | Please wear white and bring a sign if you’d like. We will have extras and flyers to pass out. Contact info: [email protected]
      238. UNITED STATES – California, Ocean Beach, San Diego | 3:30 pm | Abbott St. and Santa Monica | Email Contact: Beverly Rai [email protected]
      239. UNITED STATES – California, Santa Cruz, Monday, 1/20, 9:30am, EMF Aware –,  | Please meet at the corner of Cathcart St & Pacific Ave. at 9:30 am
      240. UNITED STATES – Colorado, Boulder | 5G documentary, followed by a discussion | 4-6 PM Jan. 25th | Arapahoe Room, Boulder Public Library,  1001 Arapahoe Avenue, Boulder, CO 80302
        Contact email: [email protected]
      241. UNITED STATES – Connecticut, We will be doing rallies, neighborhood canvassing and calls to committee members to stop 5g.  Our Facebook and twitter pages are stop5GCT.   email at [email protected]
      242. UNITED STATES – Georgia, Atlanta  |  protest to be held at 11:00 am, 5G Space Appeal will be read on the steps of the Atlanta Capitol Building|  contact:  [email protected] ,  poster:
      243. UNITED STATES – Hawaii | Multiple events on various islands in the state of Hawaii. Click here for list and details of events in Hawaii.  Contact email through the website contact form at
      244. UNITED STATES – Idaho, Sandpoint | EHS-Idaho (North Idaho from Coeur d’Alene north) will be showing videos about the dangers of 5G, Smart phones, Smart meters, and other “smart” appliances at the Sandpoint Library in Sandpoint from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM. Members of our group will be walking the streets with signs and passing out information in the morning, until 1:00 PM. Safe Technology Petition will be in several locations around Sandpoint for signing. For more information or to join us, contact Mary at 208-597-7151, or email [email protected].  |  EHS Idaho will be showing films Jan. 25th, from 1 PM to 3 PM at the Bonner County Library.
      245. UNITED STATES – Kansas | From 12:00-2:00 pm, Lawrence Citizens for 5G Awareness will have a Downtown demonstration – stationary and marching – with signs & banners, distributing our group’s and other information flyers.
        …Kansas: Thursday 1/23/20   Lawrence Citizens for 5G Awareness will hand-deliver hard, printed copies of the International Appeal to Stop 5G on Earth and in Space to all City and County Council members.
      246. UNITED STATES – Massachusetts – January 25th we will engage in a 5G letter-writing and social media protest including social media images, photos, & recommended articles from, meant to flood legislators & the public in favor of S. 1273 to ban small cell towers. In addition, we will have a signature drive at 44 Williamset Drive, South Hadley’s Big Y, and possibly others. Signature drive will be the next day if bad weather cancels.
      247. UNITED STATES – Michigan | Cheboygan, Cheboygan County | 1:00 pm | Plaza 27  1006 S. Main St. | Contact email: John Kurczewski, [email protected]  |
      248. UNITED STATES – Michigan | Throughout Michigan… all day, January 25th, most of us in Michigan will be doing a social media campaign on the Day of Protest where we will take pictures of ourselves holding signs, and then post them on social media.  Email contact:  [email protected]
      249. UNITED STATES – New York, Long Island | Route 110 near the Huntington Hilton in Melville  |  Citizens for 5G Awareness | 12:30 – 2:00 pm | Contact email: [email protected].
      250. UNITED STATES – New York, New York City | 2:30-4:00 pm | Rally on the steps of the main branch of NYC Public Library on 5th Ave. and 42nd St. |  In case of rain, it is 28 E. 35th Street (red door), between Park and Madison.  This will definitely be the rain location. .  Contact email: [email protected], | Phone announcement line that people can call, and where they can leave a message:  641-715-3900, 128532#
      251. UNITED STATES – New York, Woodstock, 12498 at noon and on the “Green” in the center of town.  |  for more info:
      252. UNITED STATES – North Carolina, Asheville: Stop 5G Asheville Rally 12-2pm @ Vance Monument, Pack Square Park followed by March through downtown to Film Screening at Pack Memorial Library 2:30-4:30   Contact : FB, Stop 5G Asheville,
      253. UNITED STATES – Ohio | Southwest Ohio for Responsible Technology (SWORT) has planned a protest at the Mason Health Expo from 10-12 | 6050 Mason Montgomery Road, Mason OH 45040. Contact email: FB page, SWORT.
      254. UNITED STATES – Pennsylvania, Downingtown  |  Assembling at Johnsontown Park  until 2:45pm, we march downtown to Kerr Park   |  Contact RSVP email: [email protected]
      255. UNITED STATES – Sedona  |
      256. UNITED STATES – Texas, Brownwood, Coggin Park, near the exercise trail at 1 pm on Saturday, Jan 25. I will be holding a sign, anyone who wants to share concerns, meditate, or pray together is welcome.  [email protected] if you want to coordinate beforehand or just show up.  I will stay until 2 pm even if I am alone.
      257. UNITED STATES – Texas, Mckinney | We will park at CVS on Eldorado, Address: 6301 W. Eldorado Pkwy in McKinney, and walk to the Northwest corner of Eldorado Pkwy and Central Expressway. Please bring a sign to protest 5G. Preferably large poster board with large letters so passerby’s can easily read it. We will not be chanting. Just quiet protest.  1 to 3 pm. For questions contact: [email protected]
      258. UNITED STATES – Texas, San Antonio, Will deliver & email the Appeal to San Antonio City Council, Alamo Heights City Council, and others. Will post the Appeal, plus links to 5g sites to neighborhoods on an approved page on ‘Next Door,’ ..Will read the Appeal in front of a home with a utility pole in a San Antonio neighborhood. Susan Straus [email protected]
      259. UNITED STATES – Washington DC | A Jazz and Justice Event featuring Mary Lou Williams and 5G – A Teach In|12:00 to 3:00 pm | Westminster Presbyterian Church 400 I St SW, Washington, DC 20024 | Click here for flyer | Contact email: [email protected]
      260. UNITED STATES – Washington | Outside Sno-isle Co-op, 2804 Grand Ave, Everett, WA 98201 |
        Education Table (12:00-5:00 pm) followed by Powerpoint at 5:00 pm.  Also January 27, 6pm, Powerpoint at 2804 Grand, room 311 | Contact email: [email protected]
      261. UNITED STATES – Washington, Seattle, Westlake Mall, downtown Seattle at 09:00 AM  | we will go from there to the Pike Place Market and the Seattle Center. Attendees should dress warmly as we will be out of doors. Each participant is responsible for making their own signs and flyers but they don’t have to, happy just to have you show up! Contact me if you plan to participate at [email protected]
      262. UNITED STATES – Wisconsin,  Throughout Wisconsin.  All day on January 25, Wisconsinites will be participating in a social media event organized by Wisconsin For Safe Technology entitled:  #Stop5G, Social Media PROTEST!   We will change our social media profiles to Stop5G, post hash tags, scientific articles and photos of ourselves holding signs in opposition to 5G.  Event details:
      263. URUGUAY –  POSTER


Flyer for Protest – Can be adapted to your event.
Also see flyer with image and no text.

Preliminary list of flyers for the January 25th 5G Protest Day, courtesy of Stop Smart Meters BC.

Posters and Signs courtesy of Americans For Responsible Technology

Song (Chant) – 5G NOT FOR ME – courtesy of Nick Curto , if used and filmed please share with the author

POEM from Ireland  – courtesy of  Siobhán de Paor

Order your Stop5G T-shirts today from Peace Gifts.