We are a voluntary association of individuals from around the world who have come together in an effort to support, encourage and grow the counter-5G movement internationally, as well as to encourage public participation in ensuring a future that respects and protects all life.

Our team is comprised of people of diverse perspectives but we share a commitment to stopping 5G and unchecked wireless expansion, and to ensuring a safer technology future.

We have no political allegiance or adverse intentions, and we receive no funding from industry.

Stop 5G International was conceived as a hub where protests and other counter-5G actions taking place around the world could be shared more widely thereby bringing greater awareness to 5G-harms and growing our voice and visibility.

We thank all those whose skills and ideas helped coordinate the January Global Events and to create this website.

NB: Our mission is to support the global effort to stop 5G because it poses an immediate threat to life on earth. We have no hidden agendas or affiliations. 

The Stop 5G International team includes one or more people from the following countries:

  1. Croatia
  2. Denmark
  3. England
  4. Ireland
  5. Norway
  6. Switzerland
  7. United States

Participating members include:

Liz Barris – USA
Thomas Graversen – Denmark
Per Halle – Norway
Amanda Kenton – UK
Kate Kheel –  USA
Julie Levine – USA
Olivier Pahud – Switzerland
Tanja Katarina Rebel – UK
Pernille Schriver – Denmark