Multilingual Banner: For a Viable Planet, Stop 5G

Multilingual Banner: For a Viable Planet, Stop 5G

Dear Co-Inhabitants of Our Beautiful Planet Earth:

Here is an easy and upbeat action we can all take on the occasion of the September 26th Global 5G Protest Day and beyond. We encourage everyone, everywhere, to place a banner/flag in a window, balcony, on a car, bicycle, wherever, so we can create a visible presence around the world showing care for our planet and a call to stop 5G. The text on the banner reads, “For a viable planet, Stop 5G.” There are four versions of the banner: French, English, German, and Italian.

Simply download the accompanying template (no cost) in your preferred language, and have it printed, preferably on fabric, 20 x 20 inches or 50 x 50 cm. Consider asking the printing company to add rivets to the 4 corners for ease of hanging.

Encourage relatives, parents, friends, or anyone in your network to participate as well. If you have found a reliable printing company, you can direct others there to have their banners printed.

If you would like the banner in another language, we will be happy to provide a template in the language of choice. Please send us your request along with the sentence, “For a viable planet Stop 5G” translated into the chosen language. Send your request to [email protected].

For more information about the Global 5G Protest Day, please visit the website, and the Facebook group,

To a better and safer future for All!!

NB: This banner was gracefully conceived, designed and shared by Maud and team with the support of Stop 5G International
For Switzerland, kindly consider using [email protected] in Geneva. This is both a social and professional printer that supports people with disabilities and are part of the team that contributed to this project. The price of a flag/banner with 4 rivets is 25 chfr + the pric e for a letter invoice. Thank you.









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