Breakthrough in case law on radiation risks

Dec. 24th, 2020 | Wilma De Jong Administrative judge acknowledges increased health risks to wireless technology well below exposure limits

Message from Wilma de Jong:
Lovely people,
With great gratitude I address you the day before Christmas with great news! The administrative judge declared my appeal well-founded [1] . On the basis of my notice of appeal [2] and the hearing of October 20, 2020 [3] , the court classified me as an interested party and ruled that increased health risks, when installing an antenna mast approximately 650 meters from my home, cannot be excluded.

This means we can speak of a huge breakthrough since more than two decades ago citizens started asking the courts for attention for the health risks of antenna installations. In other words, the administrative judge has given us citizens back our voice in the radiation debate. A “Christmas present” that I didn’t want to keep from you the day before Christmas.

Article source: Breakthrough in case law on radiation risks

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