This page is for News updates that are of international significance related primarily to 5G, the internet of things, and satellites,

Occasionally, we will also post updates on other topics that share underlying similarities or are connected in some way, such as the militarization of space, government overreach, humanity’s disconnect from one another and the Earth, or our never-ending push for more, bigger, faster in the name of “progress”. Please mail us updates from your country you feel may be a fit. Send to [email protected].


One blue sky above us,One ocean lapping all our shores,One earth so green and round,Who could ask for more?– Pete Seeger In 2018, on land and in space, preparations to deploy millions of antennas were very publicly being made and advertised, … Read More

Our Legal Petition to the FDA

On December 21, Americans for Responsible Technology filed a historic legal petition with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The petition sets out the reasons why FDA should immediately issue an “Imminent Hazard” declaration regarding public exposure to radiofrequency radiation … Read More

Wireless Radiation is an Imminent Hazard

Dear FDA: Wireless Radiation is an Imminent Hazard Our friends at Americans for Responsible Technology (ART) have created an incredible opportunity for us to help move the needle to safe technology. ART has filed an historic legal petition with the Food and … Read More

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