This page is for News updates that are of international significance related primarily to 5G, the internet of things, and satellites,

Occasionally, we will also post updates on other topics that share underlying similarities or are connected in some way, such as the militarization of space, government overreach, humanity’s disconnect from one another and the Earth, or our never-ending push for more, bigger, faster in the name of “progress”. Please mail us updates from your country you feel may be a fit. Send to [email protected].

New Ruling in The Netherlands!

NETHERLANDS: Extensive (legal) commentary on the decision of the District Court of Gelderland, which ruled that there may be health risks in the vicinity of a cell tower and therefore the health interests of residents who are sensitive to radiation … Read More

The dark underbelly of the chrome age

Triaha Ray | Observer Research Foundation As we enter the new decade, it is critical that nations and communities be able to realise the transformative potential of emerging technologies, in a way that balances short-term growth and long-term consequence. The … Read More

5G-ILAN News Update

5G-ILAN News Update  Jan.17th, 2021 International Legal Action Network (ILAN) 5G-ILAN has been very busy with various legal cases as well as other related activities. Please check out our website, 5G-ILAN for the latest, including a Healthy Heavens Trust Declaration. Upcoming Legal … Read More

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