Environmental impacts of 5G

A literature review of effects of radio-frequency electromagnetic field exposure of non-human vertebrates, invertebrates STUDY: Environmental impacts of 5G – European Parliament Scientific Foresight Unit (STOA), June 2021

5G on Earth and in Space

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE June 21, 2021 On the weekend before Solstice, 19-20th of June, people from across the world stood up to demand an immediate halt to 5G on Earth and in Space. Their message: “We do not consent to … Read More

South Africa National Report 2021

WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION | INTERNATIONAL EMF PROJECT – International Advisory Committee (IAC) South Africa National Report 2021 Page 2, Oxidative stress and RF Page 5 EMF polices and legislation Page 5 Smart Meters Page 6 EHS WHO EMF Project Report 2021

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