This page is for News updates that are of international significance related primarily to 5G, the internet of things, and satellites,

Occasionally, we will also post updates on other topics that share underlying similarities or are connected in some way, such as the militarization of space, government overreach, humanity’s disconnect from one another and the Earth, or our never-ending push for more, bigger, faster in the name of “progress”. Please mail us updates from your country you feel may be a fit. Send to [email protected].

The New Technologies Legal Forum

A series of free webinars for legal professionals, law students and the public Hosted by Attorney Julian Gresser Technology advances at lightning speed in multiple directions simultaneously. In response, the wheels of government turn slowly, often impeded by the purveyors … Read More

Is this legal?

Please join us for an informative and provocative webinar series regarding new technologies and the law, starting July 14th. The tech industry moves quickly. The wheels of government move slowly. So it’s not surprising that we find ourselves facing a … Read More

Environmental impacts of 5G

A literature review of effects of radio-frequency electromagnetic field exposure of non-human vertebrates, invertebrates STUDY: Environmental impacts of 5G – European Parliament Scientific Foresight Unit (STOA), June 2021

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