Global Protest -Prakash Munshi

VIDEO STATEMENT FROM INDIA BY PRAKASH MUNSHI Powerful, simple, truthful, and heartfelt video statement by Prakash Munshi from India. Among his requests, Prakash states: The governments of all countries should stop acting in excess with this cellular industry, and the … Read More


Nantes Information meeting on the main square of the city. Interpellation of elected officials. Stroll through the main streets. Poses in front of the most symbolic statues. Protest in front of the shops of the telephone operators. Banners on the … Read More

South Africa

Global 5G Protest fell on the same day I’d been invited to Transkei”s Annual Traditional Heritage Festival of Sangomas (African Shamanism) & Healers hosted by the Royal Family. They called for Black’s and whites (and all colours) to join the … Read More

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