Global Protest -Prakash Munshi

Powerful, simple, truthful, and heartfelt video statement by Prakash Munshi from India.

Among his requests, Prakash states:

The governments of all countries should stop acting in excess with this cellular industry, and the captured organizations of theirs, and should look after the interest of the citizens and protect the constitutions of our democracies and the fundamental rights of the citizens as planned by the constitutions of our countries. Is covid 19, Tsunami, floods, draughts not enough of a lesson for our governments that they have to work more to protect the environment and nature? Otherwise nature can play havoc with us if we play havoc with nature.

In the same way, we request of you, don’t play with our lives with 24/7 radiation coming from satellites, antennae, or lampposts and smart meters. Please allow us to live a healthy life which we want to live. It is our fundamental right in our democracy granted by the constitutions. Health is my fundamental right, and I shall have it.

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