Joint Response Letter to Officials from the European Commission Regarding 5G “Unrest”

On October 13, fifteen countries from within the European Union sent a joint letter alerting European Commission officials to “increasing activity in the anti-5G movement” across Europe and warning that such activities could hinder the EU’s efforts to meet its “ambitious 5G goals.” The letter urged the European Union to create a “joint initiative on counteracting the spread of disinformation related to 5G networks and the need of public awareness raising activities.”

In response, 72 organizations, dedicated to protecting public health and the environment, sent a joint letter to European Commission Officials. The letter calls for 1) the elimination of bias from regulatory bodies; 2) the support of independent science; and 3) full public consultation on how best to integrate technology into our lives so as to maximize the benefits and minimize the harms. 

NB: As the letter was time sensitive, we had to limit the number of organizations contacted.

Link to the initial letter sent by the 15 nations:

Link to the Response Letter endorsed by 72 “counter-5G” organizations:

French translation, courtesy of Coalition Québécoise de Lutte Contre la Pollution Electromagnétique

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