Message from Giancarlo Vincitorio in Rome

Message from Giancarlo Vincitorio in Rome

Experimentation on the 5G Network
The experimentation of the 5G network in recent years has really become the subject of discussion on several occasions. According to some, it would be important and could have very serious health and environmental repercussions. According to some experts, it could also undermine the rights enshrined in the Italian Constitution as well as personal freedoms. Among all the Pugliesi people of this opinion, the strongest point of view is that of Giancarlo Vincitorio who has said his opinion on several occasions. In fact, he is a journalist and founded the “Italian Stop 5G Alliance” in South Italy in Puglia aimed at the Apulians to make it clear what his point of view is on the matter. He also created the “Friend of the environment” award to ask for the suspension of this experimentation.

The demonstration in Rome
Meanwhile, to ask for the suspension of testing on the 5G network, a demonstration will be held in Rome on 12 September from 3 to 6 pm in Piazza del Popolo. On the stage there will be various speakers, both from the educational and scholastic fields, as well as from the legal, scientific, medical, artistic and administrative fields. According to the Apulians involved, this is a very important commitment aimed at guaranteeing safety in this sense.

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