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Download Massive Evidence Filed in Environmental Health Trust et al. v. the FCC

Select each Volume below to see the Massive Evidence Filed in EHT et al v. FCC; evidence ignored by the FCC. ONLINE LINK TO DOCUMENTS.

Download Volume 1: Volume 1 Includes FCC Resolution of Notice of Inquiry Order and Notice of Inquiry

Download Volume 2: Includes FCC; Comments & reply of the CTIA The Wireless Association & Mobile Manufacturers Forum ET Docket No. 13-84

Download Volume 3: Research Compilation; Abstracts of over 2,100 studies published between 1990 – 2017; Prof. Henry Lai.(Tab 7 Part 2)

Download Volume 4: Includes Research Compilation; Abstracts of over 2,100 studies published between 1990 – 2017; Prof. Henry Lai.(Tab 7 Part 3)

Download Volume 5: Includes Research Compilation; Abstracts of over 2,100 studies published between 1990 – 2017; Prof. Henry Lai.(Tab 7 Part 4) Research Compilation; Abstracts of Over 600 Studies Published BetweenAugust 2016- August 2019, Dr. Joel Moskowitz; 2019 (Tab 8 Part 1)

Download Volume 6: Includes Research Compilation; Abstracts of over 600 Studies Published Between August 2016- August 2019, Dr. Joel Moskowitz; 2019 (Tab 8 Part 2) Research Compilation; Abstracts of 15 New Studies, Dr. Joel Moskowitz Ph.D., 2016, Research Compilation; Studies and Documents; City of Pinole, CA

Download Volume 7: Includes US Exposures Limits – A History of Their Creation, Comments and Explanations; Eng. Lloyd Morgan, Biosystem & Ecosystem; Birds, Bees and Mankind: Destroying Nature by ‘Electrosmog’: Effects of Mobile Radio and Wireless Communication.Dr. Ulrich Warnke, Ph.D., 2007, Cancer; IARC Monograph: NonIonizing Radiation Part 2: RF EMFs, 2013 (Tab 13 Part 1)

Download Volume 8: Includes BioInitiative Comments, Cancer; IARC Monograph: NonIonizing Radiation Part 2: RF EMFs, 2013 (Tab 13 Part 2), NTP; Commentary on the utility of the National Toxicology Program study on cell phone radiofrequency radiation data for assessing human health risks despite unfounded criticisms aimed at minimizing the findings of adverse health effects. Environmental Research. Dr. Ron Melnick; 2019 and more…

Download Volume 9: Includes BioInitiative-Modulation; Section 15:Evidence for Disruption by Modulation Role of Physical and Biological Variables in Bioeffects of Non-Thermal Microwaves for Reproducibility, Cancer Risk and Safety Standards, (2012 Supplement), Bioinitiative Working Group; Preliminary Opinion on Potential Health Effects of Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields (EMF); 2014, Organizations; Environmental Working Group Reply Comments and more…

Download Volume 10: BioInitiative-Mechanisms of Harm; Percent Comparison Showing Effect vs No Effect, DNA (Comet Assay), 2017 and Free Radical (Oxidative Stress), 2019, Bio Initiative Working Group; Epidemiological Studies, RF fields epidemiology, Comments by Drs. Lennart Hardell, Fredrik Soderqvist PhD. and Michael Carlberg, MSc. Section Epidemiological Studies (Exhibit B); 2014, BioInitiative Author; Statement of Prof. Martin Blank PhD., PhD.; 2016, and more…

Download Volume 11: Dr. Paul Dart MD. (Petitioner) Comments, The Biological Effects of Weak Electromagnetic Fields, Problems and Solutions, Prof. Andrew Goldsworthy; 2012, Dr. Richard Meltzer Comments, Radio Frequency (RF) Exposure: A Cautionary Tale, Dr. Donald R. Maisch Ph.D. Comments, Biological Effects from RF Radiation at Low-Intensity Exposure, based on the BioInitiative 2012 Report, and the Implications for Smart Meters and Smart Appliances; Dr. Ron M. Powell, PhD.; 2013 and more…

Download Volume 12: Organizations – Cyprus National Committee on Environment and Children’s Health, Neurological and behavior effects οf Non-Ionizing Radiation emitted from mobile devices on children: Steps to be taken ASAP for the protection of children and future generations. Presentation Slides; 2016, Organizations; Austrian Medical Association, Environmental Medicine Evaluation of Electromagnetic Fields; Dr. Jerd Oberfeld MD.; 2007, Organizations; The American Academy of Pediatrics, Letter to the FCC; 2013 and more…

Download Volume 13: Organizations; Appeal to the FCC Signed by 26,000 People and Organized by the Environmental Working Group, 2013 (Tab 68 Part 2), Organizations; Freiburger Appeal –Doctors Appeal; 2002, Organizations; Benevento Resolution, The International Commission for Electromagnetic Safety (ICEMS), 2006, Organizations; The Porto Alegre Resolution; 2009 and more…

Download Volume 14: Mechanisms of Harm; Meta-Analysis, Oxidative mechanisms of biological activity of low-intensity radiofrequency radiation. Electromagn Biol Med (Yakymenko et al).; 2016, Mechanisms of Harm; Blood Brain Barrier; Increased Blood–Brain Barrier Permeability in Mammalian Brain 7 Days after Exposure to the Radiation from a GSM-900 Mobile Phone. Pathophysiology (Nittby, Salford et al); 2009, Mechanisms of Harm; DNA Damage; Microwave RF Interacts with Molecular Structures; Dr. Paul Dart MD.; 2013 and more…

Download Volume 15: Prenatal & Children; Doctors and Scientists Letters on Wi-Fi in Schools, Dr. Devra Davis PhD., President of Environmental Health Trust (Petitioner) Comments, Children; Letter to Montgomery County Schools, Prof. Martha Herbert MD., PhD.; 2015, Neurological – Children; A Prospective Cohort Study of Adolescents’ Memory Performance and Individual Brain Dose of Microwave Radiation from Wireless Communication. Environ Health Perspect. (Foerster et al); 2018, Prenatal & Children; Cell phone use and behavioral problems in young children. J Epidemiol Community Health. (Divan et al); 2012 and more…

Download Volume 16: Prenatal & Children; “Cell Phones & WiFi – Are Children, Fetuses and Fertility at Risk?”; 2013, Prenatal & Children; Safe Schools 2012, Medical and Scientific Experts Call for Safe Technologies in Schools,Prenatal & Children – Stem Cells; Microwaves from Mobile Phones Inhibit 53BP1 Focus Formation in Human Stem Cells More Strongly Than in Differentiated Cells: Possible Mechanistic Link to Cancer Risk. Environmental Health Perspectives (Markova, Belyaev et al); 2010, Radiation Sickness – Children; Angela Tsiang Comments and more…

Download Volume 17: 5G; FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler ‘The Future of Wireless: A Vision for U.S. Leadership in a 5G World’; 2016, 5G; Letter to House Subcommittee on Communications and Technology; Tsiang; 2016, 5G; Ask Congress to Vote No, 2016, 5G; 5G Spectrum Frontiers -The Next Great Unknown Experiment On Our Children, Compilation of Letters to Congress; 2016, 5G;What You Need To Know About 5G Wireless and “Small” Cells and more…

Download Volume 18: Cell Phones; Research Abstracts of Over 700 Studies Showing Health Effects from Cell Phone Radio Frequency Radiation; Prof. Henri Lai ,(Tab 142 Part 2), Cancer – Brain Tumors; Using the Hill viewpoints from 1965 for evaluating strengths of evidence of the risk for brain tumors associated with the use of mobile and cordless phones. Rev Environ Health. (Hardell and Caarlsberg); 2013 , Cancer-Brain Tumors; Mobile phone use and brain tumor risk: early warnings, early actions? (Gee, Hardell Carlsberg) (Chapter 21 of Report: “Late lessons from early warnings: science, precaution”); 2013, Jullian Gehman Esq. Comments and more…

Download Volume 19: Dr. Joel Moskowitz PhD. Reply Comments, Why the FCC Must Strengthen Radiofrequency Radiation Limits in the U.S., Cancer – Children; Cell Phone Radiation: Science Review on Cancer Risks and Children’s Health; Environmental Working Group; 2009, Cell Phones – Plants; Review: Weak Radiofrequency Radiation Exposure From Mobile Phone Radiation on Plants. Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine (Malka N. Halgamuge); 2016, Testing; Microwave Emissions From Cell Phones Exceed Safety Limits in Europe and the US When Touching the Body. IEEE Access. Prof. Om P. Gandhi PhD.; 2019, Testing – Children; Absorption of wireless radiation in the child versus adult brain and eye from cell phone conversation or virtual reality. Environmental Research. (C. Fernandez et al); 2018 and more…

Download Volume 20: Industry Influence; World Health Organization, Radiofrequency Radiation and Health – a Hard Nut to Crack (Review). International Journal of Oncology. Prof. Lennart Hardell MD. PhD.; 2017, Industry Influence; Business Bias As Usual: The Case Of Electromagnetic Pollution. Prof. Levis, Prof. Gennaro, Prof. Garbisa, Industry Influence; Prof. Martha Herbert MD PhD., Harvard Pediatric Neurologist Letter to Los Angeles Unified School District; 2013, Industry Influence; The Procrustean Approach: Setting Exposure Standards for Telecommunications Frequency Electromagnetic Radiation, Dr. Donald Maisch PhD.; 2009 (Tab 172 Part 1) and more.

Download Volume 21: Industry Influence; The Procrustean Approach: Setting Exposure Standards for Telecommunications Frequency Electromagnetic Radiation, Dr. Donald Maisch PhD.; 2009 (Tab 172 Part 2), Industry Influence; Illusion and Escape: The Cell Phone Disease Quagmire. Dr. George L. Carlo PhD., JD.; 2008, Industry Influence; Quote of Prof. Henry Lai PhD from NY Times Article about Percent of Negative, Studies Funded By Industry; 2013, Industry Influence; Warning: Your Cell Phone May Be Hazardous to Your Health. Christopher Ketcham, GQ; 2010 and more…

Download Volume 22: US Agencies; US Naval Medical Research Institute. Bibliography of Reported Biological Phenomena (“Effects”) and Clinical Manifestations Attributed to Microwave and Radio-frequency, Radiation; 1971 (Tab 185 Part 2), US Agencies; US Department of Labor Comment, Radiation Sickness; Exemption for Fire stations, California Assembly Bill No. 57 (2015), codified at Cal. Gov. Code 65964.1, Radiation Sickness – Firefighters; Susan Foster Comments, Radiation Sickness; Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity, Dr. Erica MalleryBlythe; 2014 and more…

Download Volume 23: Radiation Sickness; Brent Dalton Comments, Radiation Sickness; Elizabeth Barris (Petitioner) Comments, Radiation Sickness; Olemara Comments, Radiation Sickness; Melissa White Comments, Radiation Sickness; Carol Moore Comments, Radiation Sickness; Michele Hertz (Petitioner) Comments and more…

Download Volume 24: Radiation Sickness; Catherine Morgan Comments, Radiation Sickness; Angelica Rose Comments, Radiation Sickness; Brian J. Bender Comments, Radiation Sickness; Maggie Connolly Comments, Radiation Sickness; Gregory Temmer Comments, Radiation Sickness; Bernice Nathanson Comments, and more…

Download Volume 25: Radiation Sickness; Testimonials of Twelve People; 2013, Radiation Sickness; Testimonials of Nine People; 2013, Radiation Sickness; Testimonials of Twenty People, Collected byStopSmartMeters; 2013, Radiation Sickness: Doctor’s Diagnosis Letter for Peter Rose; 2010, Radiation Sickness; Doctor’s Diagnosis Letter for Steven Magee, European Manifesto in support of a European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) and more…

Download Volume 26: Individual Rights; R. Paul and Kathleen Sundmark Reply Comments, Individual Rights & ADA; Cynthia Edwards Comments, Individual Rights; Diana Ostermann, Comments, Individual Rights; BC Human Rights Tribunal approves smart meter class action, Citizens for Safe Technology, and more…

Download Volume 27: Testing – Children; Exposure Limits: The underestimation of absorbed cell phone radiation, especially in children. Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine (Gandhi et al); 2011, BioInitiative Reply Comments, Environmental Health Trust INTERNATIONAL POLICY BRIEFING: Cautionary Policy on Radiofrequency Radiation Actions by Governments, Health Authorities and Schools Worldwide

Key Documents

Full Opening Brief of Petitioners, August 14, 2020
FCC Reply Brief to Petitioners, September 22, 2020
Petitioner’s Reply to the FCC and Addendum to Petitioners Reply to the FCC, October 19, 2020
Link to thousands of pages of evidence used in the case such as as studies and court cases referenced.

Amicus Briefs

Amicus of NRDC: Natural Resources Defense Council
Amicus of Attorney Joe Sandri including declaration of Dr. Linda Birnbaum, former Director of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences
Amicus of Catherine Kleiber
Amicus of the Building Biology Institute

Docket Links

FCC 2013 Notice of Inquiry re FCC limits
FCC Docket 19-226 Submissions
FCC Item 19-226 (includes decision NOT to update regulations and to terminate the 2013 inquiry)
Sampling of Published Research Submitted to the Docket
EHT Submissions to 13-84

Expert urges to stop 5G networks until people’s safety is confirmed  Jan.19th, 2021 | Emily Henderson | News-Medical.netWe should err on the side of caution and stop the global roll out of 5G (fifth generation) telecoms networks until we are certain this technology is completely safe, urges an expert in an opinion piece published online in the Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health.
There are no health concerns about 5G and COVID-19, despite what conspiracy theorists have suggested.
But the transmitter density required for 5G means that more people will be exposed to radio frequency electromagnetic fields (RF-EMFs), and at levels that emerging evidence suggests, are potentially harmful to health, argues Professor John William Frank, Usher Institute, University of Edinburgh. Read more.

The Morning After: Here’s The Worst Of CES 2021 Jan.15th, 2021 | Vianney Vaute | Forbes
CES is like a public viewing of the Batcave or 007’s latest toolkit. It’s incredible to see what kind of powerful and ingenious tools humanity can create. It’s remarkable that humans now have the ability to design a faucet that can dispense exactly 1 tablespoon of water with a voice command. In the words of the internet: “What kind of sorcery is this?”

Well, in terms of impact, it’s not the kind of sorcery that will take the world very far. It needs to be said: a lot of the powerful tools presented are also absurd. Not that CES claims to showcase innovations that bring humanity forward… it’s all in the name after all: Consumer Electronics SHOW. And everyone is, indeed, entertained.

Imagination, creativity—and yes even fun, can and should play an important role in innovation…but not at the expense of everything else that matters. Industry leaders ought to be forging a better way forward and helping to solve the tricky questions about our tech instead of dodging the issues. Until they do, even the very best out of CES remains part of the very worst. Read more.

5G-ILAN News Update  Jan.17th, 2021 International Legal Action Network (ILAN)
5G-ILAN has been very busy with various legal cases as well as other related activities. Please check out our website, 5G-ILAN for the latest, including a Healthy Heavens Trust Declaration.

Upcoming Legal Actions

  • Expedited/ Emergency Petition for Rulemaking on FCC Satellite Licensing Program. The purpose is to require the FCC to follow existing international and federal laws, and to produce a new set of regulations that address a wide array of national and international security risks. We plan to file in January 2021.
  • FDA Petition for Rulemaking. This action holds the key to winning the battle to compel the FCC to revise its current grossly inadequate, unmonitored, and unenforced thermal health standard. If the FDA adopts a science-based health standard for RFR, the FCC must follow.  Read more.

Is Wireless Technology an Environmental Health Risk? Jan. 6th, 2021 | Katie Alvord | Society of Environmental Journalists
Early in 2012, I started having debilitating cognitive lapses, pressure headaches, nausea and worse when around wireless and electronic devices.
That winter and spring, I’d put in long hours, drafting an eco-themed novel, writing for a hyperlocal news blog and starting to update a climate series I’d done for the site five years before. Read more.

New Ruling in The Netherlands!  January 4th, 2020
NETHERLANDS: Extensive (legal) commentary on the decision of the District Court of Gelderland, which ruled that there may be health risks in the vicinity of a cell tower and therefore the health interests of residents who are sensitive to radiation. Read More

The dark underbelly of the chrome age
January 4th, 2021 | Triaha Ray | Observer Research Foundation
As we enter the new decade, it is critical that nations and communities be able to realise the transformative potential of emerging technologies, in a way that balances short-term growth and long-term consequence. The proliferation of emerging technologies will create new power asymmetries. From the virtual pathways along which data flows, and the physical infrastructure upon which the internet functions, down to the very minerals that go into our devices, patterns of power undergird them all. The 2020s will be marked by the struggle of communities and nations to navigate these dynamics, and even as a handful of powers project themselves as “world leaders,” many see these technologies as an opportunity for smaller economies to leapfrog to the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Read more.

Message from Magda Havas about Dr. Zory Glaser’s 4000 documents

Some of you may know that Dr. Zory Glaser was one of the top microwave health experts in the U.S.  He held a number of military and government positions and after he retired he donated his collection of references to Dr. Magda Havas.  Many of these documents were classified for decades but are now declassified and available at   

It has taken us a long time to scan almost 4000 documents, some consisting of hundreds of pages, and to make them searchable.  There are quite a few gems dating back to the early 1900s.  I reviewed some of these documents a few years ago and these are available on my website (  

The references can be searched by keyword, title, first author and date of publication.  You can read these documents online, download them free of charge, post them on your website and share them with others.   

We invite scholars interested in these documents to write short overviews of some of the more useful and relevant finds and post those overviews on Zory’s website.  If you are interested in participating in this project, please contact me ([email protected]) with a subject heading “Zory’s Archive”.  There are some gems among the references and when you find them let us know.  Enjoy the search and feel free to share this email with others.


Checklist for Municipal Codes Addressing Small Cell Installations | Americans for Responsible Technology
The purpose of this document is two-fold:

  • Provide your local government officials with a comprehensive overview of what they should be looking to include in your town/village/city’s 5G wireless telecommunications ordinance to better control the local 5G rollout process.
  • Spark important conversations with your local legislators about how to more effectively safeguard residents from 5G antenna installations.”  Read more.

Wireless Hazards
December 28 2020 | by Barbara Koeppel

If you think your cellphone is safe, have you considered why you believe that? Is it a fact or is it based on carefully crafted messages that you’ve read or heard?
For the past few decades, the telecom wireless industry and its enthusiasts have heralded cellphones as the greatest achievement of the late 20th and early 21st centuries. But as their use soars, scientists worldwide worry about their hazards and have produced over 2,000 studies that tell a darker tale. Read more.

Netherlands: Breakthrough in case law on radiation risks

Dec. 24th, 2020 | Wilma De Jong Administrative judge acknowledges increased health risks to wireless technology well below exposure limits..

Lovely people,

With great gratitude, the day before Christmas, I address you with great news! The administrative judge declared my appeal well-founded [1] . On the basis of my notice of appeal [2] and the hearing of October 20, 2020 [3] , the court classified me as an interested party and ruled that increased health risks, when installing an antenna mast approximately 650 meters from my home, cannot be excluded.

This means we can speak of a huge breakthrough since more than two decades ago citizens started asking the courts for attention for the health risks of antenna installations. In other words, the administrative judge has given us citizens back our voice in the radiation debate. A “Christmas present” that I didn’t want to keep from you the day before Christmas.  Read more Dutch | English

Article from the WHO EMF Project – full of bias and oddities creating more questions than giving answers
December 21st, 2021 | BRHP – Between a Rock and a Hard Place
WHO EMF Project preparation of the review of the science related to health effects of RF-EMF is severely delayed. It was planned to happen after the publication of the Interphone study, at the time when Mike Repacholi was still head of the EMF Project. It means that there is currently some 10 years delay. The work on currently ongoing systematic reviews begun in 2018. Now, in the end of 2020 the first paper describing process of selection of health effects for the systematic reviews has come out. Read more.