Real World Protest

Monday April 20 and EVER DAY through Sat. April 25
5G masked PROTESTS DAILY in Berkeley
10 to 11am and 2 to 3pm Wednesday protest will continue until at least 4pm
in front of 1321 Gilman St. at Nielson near the Berkeley Natural Grocery

Keep 6’ distance from others. If you can’t come up with a mask, at least cover mouth AND nose with a bandana.
To respect EMF sensitives, turn cell phones off (or use airplane mode if you want to take photos.)
We’ll bring a few extra signs, or make your own.

A 5G ATT “small” cell antenna was approved and installation has begun on a telephone pole in front of Henry’s Auto shop at 1321 Gilman. Many businesses, workers, and residents would be adversely affected.
If installers come, some of us will risk arrest by encircling the pole, holding hands with outstretched arms. If you choose to do so and don’t want to risk arrest, leave right after police announce their 3rd order to disperse.
Defending our rights and our safety is an essential activity. Installing that WTF (Wireless Telecom Equipment) during the covid crisis is NOT an essential activity.
Wireless coverage in the neighborhood is just fine. No one requested 5G there and no one wants it.

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