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As you know the 26th September is Global 5G protest day. We can’t organise a mass protest so instead we will be holding a mass meditation. This is something that is simple to organise and everyone can participate.

If you want to participate all you have to do is invite 20 people to meet up in your local park or at the local beach. If you are in regional Victoria you can meet in groups of 10. If you are in Melbourne, you and the other members of your household can sit in the backyard.
All you will need is a CD player, some relaxing music and someone to guide the meditation.
We will prepare the meditation for you to read out, or you can use it as a guide and add to it.
The important thing is we want to focus on creating a world with safe technology.
We will be starting at 11.00am and it will last for half an hour.
This group started 2 years ago with a handful of members, we now have almost 50,000 and over a hundred local groups.

I am certain we can have 100 groups of 20 people all around Australia joining in📷

Please comment if you would like to help organise a local group a and say what area you are in.
There are countless studies on the positive effects of focused mass meditation and TBH what action could be simpler than sitting in a relaxed state for 1/2 hour 📷

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