STOP 5G Montreal invites all its supporters to join the Peaceful Resistance March next September 11

STOP 5G Montreal invites all its supporters to join the Peaceful Resistance March next September 11
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WHERE: Place Émilie Gamelin, 1500 rue Berri, Montreal, the march starts at 1:00 p.m.

MEETING POINT: At the entrance of the Grande Bibliothèque at the corner of Maisonneuve and Berri (475 de Maisonneuve E, Montreal) at 12:30


• Resist, jointly with the demonstrators, the anti-freedom health measures: compulsory vaccination, vaccine passports, etc.

• Demonstrate against 5G and the invasion of our lives by 5G related surveillance technologies.

• Protest against the advent of a world that we did not choose and that is imposed on us: omnipresence of virtual reality, increased surveillance of our activities, commodification of our personal information, digitalization of our identity and personal information , increasingly harmful electrosmog, multiplication of connected objects (IoT), artificial intelligence at the service of the powerful and the well-heeled, etc.

• Protect the environment – 5G generates 3 times more greenhouse gases than 4G and consumes a lot of rare metals.

• Stop the deployment in space of constellations of telecommunications satellites.

• Promote the advent of a more united and truly sustainable world.

• Respect for the privacy and dignity of each person must be guaranteed.

• Opt for safe technologies such as optical fibre.

We suggest that your signs reflect the issues we want to protest against.

Leaflets about 5G will be given to you between 12:30 pm and 1:00 pm for distribution to the demonstrators during the march.

On these flyers, people will also be invited to listen to 4 speakers next September 18 (via Zoom and a Facebook Live).

Up to September 11, please share this Facebook event widely to announce all of this.


Stop 5G Montreal: [email protected]

Provincial campaign Let’s Stop 5G – Let’s Live Safely:

Suspend 5G Appeal:

Stop 5G International:

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