Stop 5G Spain


La Gomera Isla Mágica

Plaza de Las Américas, 18:00 – 20:00
San Sebastián de La Gomera


Madrid, Spain, 6pm on 26 September in front of the Ministry of Health

We are “Stop 5G Baleares”, an official legal association working against 5G technology.
We have confirmed the following actions for the September 26th Global Protest Day.

Viernes 25 Sept 18 H A Coruña, Plaza Maria Pita 5G Galicia
Viernes 26 Sept 18 H Madrid Minister Sanidad [email protected]
Sabado 26 Sept 19 H Tenerife Los Cristianos [email protected]
Sabado 26 Sept 19 H Las Palmas
Sabado 26 Sept 18 H Gijon Playa de San Lorenzo [email protected]
Sabado 26 Sept 18 H La Gomera San Sebastian
Sabado 26 Sept 18 H Lanzarote Arrecife
Sabado 26 Sept 18 H Almeria
Domingo 27 Sept 18 H Ibiza Paseo Vara de Rey [email protected]

Stay tuned for confirmation of 5-10 more events to be added in the next few days.
Contact email: [email protected]

Please also visit:



Conference in Menorca
Sept. 25th, 19:00.

How Will 5G Affect Us?
Joan Carles López Sancho y Dr. Alberto Torres
Hospital Mateu Orfila


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