Stop 5G Sweden

Stop 5G Sweden

Welcome to Umeå, Sweden, at noon, to Döbelns parc for a demonstration and then Speeches and music against 5G at 12.30 pm at Rådhustorget. Saturday 26 September. We are marching for our health, the nature and a good life!


Sergels Square: The Association Wavebreaker arranges an info and dividend meeting on September 26th this Saturday at 12.00-14.00. Since it is the big world-wide protest day against 5 g, we gather this time at Sergels Square for flyer distribution and info to the locals. We did not get a demonstration permit, so there can be no speakers etc. If you have meters, flyers, vests, signs etc, bring along, otherwise we have.

As usual, we only talk about the radiation – we inform the people about how it has now increased explosion in the city. We are heading towards the place that beams the least, but you will see our vests / stomach signs.
We take into account each other and the people and of course we follow the regulations of police and guards for us, it is important that no one can comment on anything we do, in these Corona times….

💕 FALUN: Stora Square on Saturday between 12.00-14.00.

Lion Staircase Brunnsparken, Östra Hamngatan 23, Saturday 26 September, at. 12:00-16:00

On Saturday 26 Sept International Stop 5 G Day:
😃 We meet outside Condeco at Södertull in Malmö at 10.30 and then walk around in smaller groups and tape and hand out. Until about 13. 😊 Who can come? Feel free to bring meters if you have.
Feel free to print materials from the Radiation Protection Foundation! I have some that I bring. But may need more. Can’t carry that much.

If you are unable to join, please tap up materials in some places in Malmö.

Demonstration train from Döbelns Park at 12.00. Speech and music at Rådhustorget at 12.30.


VISBY – Sweden Östercentrum in Visby, kl 13-15.

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