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In the city of Aarhus: Yes to freedom – No to 5G


Global 5G Protest Day: Saturday 26 September 2020. Copenhagen, Højbro Plads. Kl. 12.00 – 16.30
The demonstration is legal and approved.

The international opposition to 5G is growing and also in Denmark, and there are many good reasons to stop the roll-out of 5G as soon as possible. It has long been proven that electrosmog harms the biology of humans, animals and nature in general. We say no to 5G because we say yes to a healthy biosphere with a minimum of man-made non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation.

A lawsuit is being prepared against the Danish state, among other things. for violating international conventions. Similar lawsuits are being prepared in several other countries e.g. in England with the well-known star lawyer Michael Mansfield at the helm, but also in France and Italy.

5G is not just an update of 4G. 5G is a new mobile technology that absolutely no one knows the consequences of. The National Health Council of the Netherlands has just concluded: “The Council can not answer the question of whether exposure to 5G frequencies actually poses health risks” and appeals to caution. Initially, it will primarily be felt in the center of Copenhagen, Aarhus, Odense and Elsinore, and has been active in Elsinore since December 2019.

The fact is, to quote the former Norwegian researcher and senior adviser at Telenor Einar Flydal, that “we are facing a scandal bigger than the one we saw in connection with. the tobacco industry. ”

Come and support us in the fight against 5G. In Copenhagen we meet at Højbro Plads.

at 12.00 – 13.00:
Manned stands; Music: Ida Ambrose & Flaming Acoustic, rap with KADIKAZZI, reggae by Jimee, 5G protest song by Ulrik Bay.

at 13.00 – 13.15:
Introduction by Preben Kastrup, and Tina Mansfield, both from Folkebevægelsen We say No to 5G

13.15 – 14.15:
Presentation with Henrik Eiriksson, IT and software specialist, Flemming Blicher, Engineer and activist, and Vibeke Frøkjær Jensen, Veterinarian, Ph.D.

Kl. 14.15 – ca. 16.00:
Demonstration through the city.

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