Get Started – Act Now!

Following are suggested actions and resources to raise awareness about the harms of 5G and other sources of EMFs; to voice objections; and to reclaim our future – one that respects and protects the well-being of all life and is informed by the resources of the Natural World. No action is too small, but we must also think big as time is of the essence. Be creative, have fun, and choose an action that resonates with your personal skill set and available time.



Raise Awareness

Raising public awareness requires nothing more than to state the bare facts. No hyperbole or spin needed – the facts speak for themselves.

Many people still have no idea what 5G, smart cities or the ‘Internet of Things’ are, but more and more people sense something has gone awry in our world where people are glued to their devices 24/7, and a frenetic “race” is on to connect every facet of our lives to the internet.

Further, when people learn that this hyper-connected world will be enabled by a combination of radiating cell towers deployed outside our homes and by tens of thousands of new satellites in space, many people are alarmed. And when they realize that our personal data is being harvested and used to fuel this initiative, alarm may turn to indignation; and many people are moved to speak out to stop this assault on us, wildlife, and the planet.

Please consider including in your materials and branding the message that we want SafeG, safe and proven wired technology, NOT 5G. For more about SafeG™, please view and share this slide show.

For a superb and practical guide on how to engage your community, city council, medical doctors, and Telcos, please read We Are the Solution, a Community Kit created jointly by a group of organizations in Australia.

Sign the International Appeal to Stop 5G on Earth and In Space. This Appeal, addressed to the United Nations, World Health Organization (WHO), the European Union (EU), Council of Europe and governments of all nations, currently has 181,086 signatories from 207 countries and territories. After signing, please share widely on social media and with friends, neighbors, colleagues and others.

Make arrangements to hand deliver the International Appeal to Stop 5G on Earth and in Space to your regional and national government officials. Hard copies may be delivered in person during the Two Weeks of Action. If a group is delivering the Appeal, perhaps all wear the Stop 5G on Earth and in Space T-shirt and video record the event.

Send this letter, courtesy of Physicians for Safe Technology and endorsed by medical professionals, to healthcare providers to inform them of the harms of wireless radiation in general, and of 5G specifically.

Print up 5G informational flyers to pass out at schools, community centers, medical offices, houses of worship, or just to hand out to friends, neighbors and colleagues.

Visit this Google Drive folder for an assortment of flyers from various countries.

Environmental Health Trust 5G Printable Flyers
5G Technology vs.Science and Freedom of Choice
5G-Mobilfunk-Netzwerk (German)
The Internet’s Footprint
Matériel – Material 
Artistic Card in Spanish

Hang up warning signs on city poles where 4G/5G small cells will be placed, explaining the hazardous radiation exposure at that site. (Check with your city regarding permissibility.).

View sample signs here and here.

Share this compilation of counter-5G
songs that hail from around the globe. Some are 5G protest songs while some champion other environmental causes. But they all share a similar message: a yearning to connect with the natural world and to be more present with all living beings and with one another.


Speak Your Mind

Write letters to city officials, both regional and national. Here is a link to a generic letter (in English) that can be translated and will work in any country.

PDF: Letter to Legislators

WORD Version: Letter to Legislators

Consider putting your government on notice, either alone, or together with a group of individuals or organizations. Here’s a sample letter from EM Radiation Research Trust putting the UK government on notice.

Submit a Letter to the Editor of your local paper; place an ad to raise awareness of the downsides of 5G; or alert readers to an awareness raising event or protest in your area.

The Advisors to the EMF Scientist Appeal sent a letter to the U.N. Human Rights Advisory Committee commenting on its July 2019 Resolution, entitled “New and Emerging Digital Technologies and Human Rights.”

Excerpt from introduction to letter:
It is our opinion that adverse health consequences of chronic and involuntary exposure of people to non-ionizing electromagnetic field sources are being ignored by national and international health organizations despite our repeated inquiries as well as inquiries made by many other concerned scientists, medical doctors and advocates.

This constitutes a clear violation of human rights, as defined by the United Nations:

“Human rights are rights inherent to all human beings, regardless of race, sex, nationality, ethnicity, language, religion, or any other status. Human rights include the right to life and liberty, freedom from slavery and torture, freedom of opinion and expression, the right to work and education.”


THE EUROPEAN UNION AND THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT. (May be signed by people outside of Europe as well)








EXETER, UK 1129/1500


5G Crisis – It’s imperative that members of Congress hear from the independent scientists who have been conducting research on the health impacts of wireless radiation and we’re prepared to bring these scientists to Washington to speak at a Congressional Briefing.


Or perhaps write a petition for your own city

Envision and Help Ensure A Better Tomorrow

Host an afternoon or evening in your home. Invite people to “leave their cell” and join you to explore whether 5G and an all-things-wirelessly-connected world is the kind of future we want. And if not, what kind of world do we want to create and leave for our children. Consider also showing the inspiring documentary, Generation Zapped or the 2-part PBS series, Burt Wolf’s Travels And Traditions Investigates Cell Phone And Wireless Radiation.

Never underestimate the power of prayer and meditation. Create a peaceful and conducive space, either alone or in the company of others to envision and ensure a healthier and more life-affirming tomorrow.