Isle of Wight

Once more, The Isle of Wight took part in Global 5G Protest Day – the fourth one this year! Towns, cities and Islands rose up across the World to say no to 24/7 ubiquitous pulsed high-frequency radiation which is being rolled out without Strategic Independent Health or Environmental Impact Assessments and without Public Consent.
When will politicians start to listen and when will the Media start to inform the Public about the thousands of studies showing harm caused to humans and wildlife by Electrosmog?
What’s more, it is high time we wake up to the huge surveillance issues which will accompany 5G, threatening our Privacy and Civil Liberties, not to mention the hugely harmful impact on Climate and Environment which will be caused by the Internet of Things, with its enormous Resource Depletion and huge Energy Consumption.
What does it take before we look up and see the Crime unfolding above our very heads with 100:000 (!) satellites now approved polluting the sky and soon irradiating every square inch of the Planet….



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