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Next Global Protest Day March 20, 2021 – Equinox
Candlelight Vigil December 20, 2020 – Solstice (almost)

Throughout millennia, the sky has been our clock and calendar, and the rhythms reflected in nature have served as the foundation for all human endeavor.  From the 24-hour darkness-light cycle, to lunar months and the flow of seasons, ancient cultures spanning the globe were synchronized by Natural Law.

Technological innovations offer many benefits, but when used without balance and wisdom our human-generated techno- “eco system” interferes with and seeks to sub-plant Nature’s true eco-system. 

Accumulated knowledge and time-honored wisdom of great civilizations − once codified into patterns for planting and harvesting as well as for sustaining health − have been obliterated by our drive for yet “faster” and “more” connectivity.

In its current form, the 5G/data-harvesting/AI wireless paradigm is intensifying an attitude of destructive entitlement that now extends beyond the confines of the planet itself into the skies. Similar to industries such as tobacco and asbestos that ignored early warnings and denied evidence of harm, tech companies are controlling “the commons,” the science, the economics, the narrative, and our future.

In the name of “progress”, Precision Agriculture may destroy our food supply due to blindness to the synchronizing role of the sun’s rays and the intelligence of the plant world. “Telehealth” risks compromising true health as the benefits of connectivity are conflated with a massive increase in artificial radio frequency exposure. E-waste decimates ecosystems in impoverished nations as affluent nations design ever more technological “fixes” in the name of sustainability. Inequities are perpetrated as harsh working conditions from e-waste processing, conflict minerals, and manufacturing continue unabated.

And nature must shoulder it all. 

The solstices and equinoxes are times of balance and transition between darkness and light. The winter solstice − this year December 21 − marks the shortest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere, and the longest in the Southern Hemisphere. The Equinox − March 20, 2021 −  is where days and nights are of equal duration everywhere on earth.  Both Protest Events have been planned around the natural rhythms of the heavens and earth. Perhaps the inherent wisdom of nature’s “desire” to heal, grow and transform will inform our way forward. 

Please consider holding a Candlelight Vigil on December 20, 2020, and a jubilant and festive Protest Day Event on March 20, 2021 as we collectively call for a stop to 5G, and a move toward safer, more respectful and life-affirming technology. 

(NB: The Candlelight Vigil has been set for Sunday, December 20 although winter solstice is on December 21. Either day works for an event.)

Stop 5G International does not endorse any forms of vandalism or destruction in its advocacy for safer technology and environmental stewardship.

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  • I would love to come along and show my support for the GLOBAL PROTEST DAY CANDLELIT VIGIL and participate in both events LOVE AND LIGHT WITH BRIGHTEST BLESSINGS ALWAYS AMANDA.

  • The Plandemic, the 2020 US Election and the Globalist Coup

    I’m going to make this short as I have a bit of a cold today.

    There is so much to consider in the days following the election.

    * The “Sharpie” issue may be moot (AZ) but someone should be checking out whether the felt tip markers could have led to rejected votes.

    * And yes their are dozens of theories to consider — most which will turn up nothing.

    And in Detroit the local stations tried to dispel the illegal ballots by saying the American Flyer cart — brought in to the polling center between 2:30 AM and 4:00 AM — contained batteries and not illegal ballots. This was an obvious “straw man” argument that seems to ignore a much larger problem. Somehow between 2-6 AM 130,000 ballots were processed AFTER they said the counting was done. I cannot validate this though I have many secondary sources.

    Essentially what is being alleged is that all 130,000 ballots went to Biden: not a single vote went to Trump. To me that seemed statistically improbable — IMPOSSIBLE — and similar “late night ballot dumps” have also happened in a number of Democrat controlled states. These democrat strongholds used similar tactics, as those used in Detroit, and also used scanning tabulator machines that have already screwed up counts in a few upstate Michigan counties.

    I just want to find the truth . . . but my voice has been silenced for 45 days (by Facebook) beginning on October 1st. So I have no means to voice my frustration as Big Tech now seems to have become the Orwellian “Ministry of Truth.” This really should trouble all Americans but is seems to have drawn very little resonance up till now. Do we all not have an equal right to free speech?

    The Covid “Plandemic” is obviously being engineered to bring about what the World Economic Forum terms “The Great (Globalist) Reset.” So in March the entire world economy was “locked down.” It was supposed to be a “three hour/week cruise,” reminiscent of “Gilligan’s Island. Well just like Gilligan’s Islands theme song: three weeks has turned into 7 months. And both in Michigan — and around the world (England, France, Australia, New Zeland etc.) — they are actually tightening the lockdown while “Anti Lockdown” protests are growing in these same countries. Let’s be clear. One, we have never did such a global lockdown EVER. Two, what we are seeing is really Medical Martial Law. And few — in our councils, in our corporations, in our Big Tech Platforms etc. — seem to give a “flying fuck” about the fact our freedom’s are being shredded before the eyes of the world.

    In this time, of the Plandemic, real doctor’s — like those advocating the use of Hydroxychloroquine (basically quinine which as been used for hundreds of years) — have been silenced by Big Tech, Big Pharma, Corporate Media and Big Medicine. They have tried to disbar, deplatform and destroy the lives of these great doctor’s.

    Meanwhile we have been bombarded with interviews with Bill Gates who has no medical background whatsoever and Fauci/Birx who are advocates of forced vaccines, which I see as an attack on the 1st Amendment and Medical Rape. Now “Nazi” Whitmer wants contact tracing in restaurants(you have to give them your phone number) and also wants to force the wearing of masks, for which there is little scientific evidence. So there goes our 4th Amendment:

    “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures.”
    The 4th Amendment from our Bill of Rights

    So it should be clear that the Plandemic is already destroying the Bill of Rights . . . and, really, few understand the gravity of that moving forward.

    It seems obvious that the Plandemic was also to be used to push Trump out of office, which seems to be in process right now. And this was basically how it all went down (e.g., the destruction of our republic).

    1) Under the guise of Covid you could riot and burn down minority businesses in democratic strongholds throughout the US . . . but it was too dangerous to have us vote in person.
    2) So in March, before the Soros George Floyd race riots, many democrat states just sent ballots out to each citizen. And it’s’ funny because all I find are articles saying that we shouldn’t be concerned about fraud. I’ve seen multiple videos of ballot harvesting already: democrat canvassers taking ballots from the elderly, paying for ballots etc. There is a huge difference between requesting a mail in ballot — which has to be authenticated — and just sending out ballots to every citizen: some dead, some illegal, some fake.
    3) And that brings us to Election Day where no ballots were supposed to be counted unless they were turned in before 8:00 PM on Tuesday (election night).
    4) There are videos from Cobo Hall showing them paper the windows from the ballot watchers. And then between 2-6 AM miraculously 130,000 Biden ballots get added, with not a single ballot going to Trump.

    Just like they forced Smart Meters, 5G — globally — you can almost bet that they will try to sweep this election treachery under the carpet. And as 2021 emerges you can almost bet they will start pushing forced vaccinations (Medical Rape), digital currencies and massive contact tracing (e.g., unprecedented surveillance) initiatives. We are headed toward Global Corporate Slavery. Mark my words.

    Now to me the suspect ballot harvesting is just one part of the Globalist Coup.

    Big Tech certainly put their thumbs on the scale for Biden. I mean it is not just me being suspended from their platforms. Literally millions have been suspended from FB and thousands of Open Source Internet Journalists have had their YouTube accounts removed.

    I always try to be proactive in these matters which is why I write and do videos. I don’t want to see civil war, or a 2nd American Revolution, in this country. I mean I have been an activist all my life and have always, always, seen violence as the very last resort. And for the record I have NEVER advocated violence: Not during my activities during the Viet Nam War where I was surveilled by the government as early as High School; not during my 30 years of activism against the drug war; not during my 3-5 years advocating for an end to 5G, Smart Meters and Geoengineering. I self identify as a Perennial Hippie: based in part on the writings of Aldous Huxley. And essentially what that means as I just want all human’s to “tend to their own gardens” and live peacefully. I want to see policies that augment, and not diminish, our Bill of Rights. I want to see policies that augment, and not diminish, the dignity of human life and human autonomy.

    But that is not happening and so many of you — even our elected officials — don’t seem to understand what President Kennedy said shortly before he was assassinated by the Deep State. This would be a good time to start getting involved because none of us really want to see a Second American Revolution in the United States: much less throughout the globe. So here is what he said.

    “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable.”
    John F. Kennedy.

    Please reflect on that for a few minutes. Because if all us just sit back and do nothing this is not going to end well. Millions will be harmed and — more than likely — it will end with what GH Bush wished for way back in 1990.

    A New World Order:

    Global Enslavement. Is that really what you want for your children and grand children? If the answer is no — as I hope it is — then you might just want to get off your lazy asses and get involved. The hour glass is running our of sand.

  • I have been an active opponent of 5G, and identify as a leftie. I voted for Gloria La Riva for president, as I live in a safely blue state. I am also a cancer survivor and don’t want 5G in my neighborhood. Most of the opponents that have presented on this issue in my town are progressives, and I hope this movement doesn’t become identified as a bunch of right-wing nut jobs. I was an activist against the VietNam war in the 60’s, and plan to push Biden against his regime change mentality. I would like to host a December 20th event, and can invite my Occupy friends who are on board. I’m not very IT skilled, but will try.

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